Friday 30 March 2012

Losing The Inches

I've now lost two stone one pound since I started on my healthy eating regime, though it's not just about losing weight and healthy eating, it's also about losing the inches.

There's so many clothes hung up in my wardrobe which I haven't been able to squeeze myself in to. Since I stopped working and stopped smoking two years ago, the weight has gradually crept on and I've had to buy clothes in larger sizes. Now that the weight is coming off again, I've found that some of the clothes which I couldn't get in to before are now quite baggy on me.

As well as weighing myself every Sunday, I also measure certain areas. Since starting out I have lost four inches from my bust, three inches from my waist and four inches from my hips. Some weeks I may have only lost a pound or two, but the tape measure is slacker than it was the previous week and this really helps to spur me on.

I'm really beginning to see the lumps and bumps disappear, and I'm feeling much better for it too.


  1. Fantastic news. Well done! Am on a similar regime and think measuring is more motivating than weighing (always measure in cm as loss is more than inches!) Treat yourself to a new spring outfit! xx

  2. That's fab Jo, and I love that you haven't used the word ' diet'. I didn't diet, just changed my eating habits. I think the inches disappearing made me happier than the number on the scales. It was an amazing feeling to put on trousers I hadn't worn for ages and find that they fell down past my hips. I've regained some inches because I'm not exercising to the intensity that I was and that bothers me so it's going to be back to burning up the miles on the exercise bike every day.

  3. Jo, you are such an inspiration.

    I haven't used the tape measure but I will now.

    My first weigh in is tomorrow. I'm hoping to lose 4 pounds.

    Wish me luck!

    Sft x

  4. That's wonderful, a little bit at a time.
    If you're eating healthier and stopped smoking you're losing inches and adding years to living...
    Have a great weekend.
    Susan x

  5. Hi Jo,

    Well done on the weight loss, You've done really well. When your clothes are a little bit looser and the scales are a little bit lighter, it makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it? Have a lovely weekend xxx

  6. Great news Jo - do you have much further to go?

  7. Good for you. I wish I had your determination. As well as feeling much better physically I bet you feel really chuffed that you've achieved so much in such a short time.
    Love from Mum

  8. Your doing so well Jo. Well Done!

  9. Well done Jo. I am afraid I am really struggling, have only lost about 5 lbs all year! I have now got my tablets changed so am hoping to get myself psyched up to lose more!

  10. Congratulations on your weight loss. Tis hard to lose. Can you tell me how much a stone is in pounds?

  11. Well done you - Ive started in earnest to try and loose weight - 2 stone would be ideal! xxx

  12. Wonderful blog! (Congratulations!!) ~ I'm now following ~ Best, Anne

  13. Well done! A lack of plotting and eating far too many biscuits whilst sofa flying over the winter means that I'm trying to lose some weight. Flighty xx

  14. You are doing so well, sensible eating and no faddy diet, just steady weight loss and with such great success. Enjoy wearing your new old clothes!
    Lisa x

  15. That is fantastic news - well done you,

    Victoria xxx

  16. Thank you for all your lovely comments, and all your support too, it really means a lot to me.

    Grace - That's a great tip about measuring in cm's, so much more motivating.

    Scarlet - I would much rather lose the inches than the numbers on the scales. I never used to exercise, but it's so important if you want to be healthy.

    Sft - You exceeded 4lbs, well done. Don't forget to measure yourself, it keeps you motivated when you only lose a pound or two.

    Susan - It's all about being healthy. It's a lifestyle change in general.

    Emma - It's great when you notice your clothes becoming looser, it definitely makes it all worthwhile.

    Elaine - I haven't got a target weight, I'm just going to see how it goes. Perhaps another stone, maybe two.

    Mum - I'm thrilled with how it's gone so far. I really think you have to be in the right frame of mind for anything, it was the same with stopping smoking.

    Rachel - Thank you.

    Karen - Thank you.

    Anne - 5lbs is better off than on, and it's always harder to lose weight in winter. Perhaps with new tablets and summer on the way you will find it a little easier. Good luck.

    Ruth - Thank you. A stone is fourteen pounds, so I've lost twenty nine pounds so far.

    Diane - Good luck with your weight loss, I'll be cheering you on.

    Anne - Thank you. I shall pop over to your blog for a nosey around shortly.

    Flighty - Good luck. The pounds can really creep on over winter, it's much easier to lose them again once the better weather is here.

    Lisa - That made me chuckle, new old clothes. I really need to have a good rummage in my wardrobe and see what else I can find that I can now get in to again.

    Victoria - Thank you.