Sunday, 4 March 2012

Forever Liesl

I've just finished reading Forever Liesl by Charmian Carr. The Sound Of Music has to be one of my all time favourite films, and this book, written by the actress who played Captain Von Trapp's eldest daughter, Liesl, is full of anecdotes about the making of the film, and how it changed her life. I really enjoyed reading it.

Also in February, I read The Other Side of the Dale by Gervase Phinn. This was a fun book which made me chuckle throughout, recounting tales from his time as a school inspector in the Yorkshire Dales.

I'm now reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I'm not very far in but I'm already enjoying it immensely. This book has been made in to a film, but I'd much rather read a book before I see the film rather than the other way round.

On my trips round the charity shops, I've managed to pick up a couple of books from The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency series. I haven't yet read the first book in this series but it's in my pile of books waiting to be read, so I might as well pick up any other books I see from the series. These only cost me 49p each from a local hospice charity shop, and they look like new.

I also managed to find the second Gervase Phinn book, Over Hill and Dale.

I'm so pleased that I set myself the challenge of reading a book each month in 2012, it's certainly renewed my love of reading.


  1. All great books. I loved the film "The Help" - so very inspiring. xxxx

  2. The Help is superb, read it last year with my book club. The Liesl book sounds interesting, might be a good pressie idea for my mother in law.
    Lisa x

  3. The Help is one of the few films I've seen that is faithful to the book. It's very good! I went to a conference a few years back and Gervase Phinn was the guest speaker. His tales of his days inspecting schools were utterly charming.

  4. I loved the Sound of Music too!

    I have a couple of Gervase Phinn's books too-somewhere!

    Totally agree with reading the book before the film. I loved THE HELP, a brilliant book.I couldn't put it down.

    I loved THE NO. 1 DETECTIVE AGENCY..partly because it reminded me of Botswana, one of my favourite countries ever!

    I read most of the stories but saw a new one recently in a charity shop, so I snapped it up!

    I have been finding the number of books I have a bit overwhelming. So now if I read a blogger has enjoyed a book I have, I put in on the shelf of books to read next.

    System seems to be working out well.

    I bought some daffodils today. They really brighten up the house.

    Sft x

  5. Reading is part of my life. Thanks for the suggestions. I've been trying to get The Help but it seems it is so popular that it is never in and the library now has it as a kindle that can be downloaded to my computer so I'll be brave and try that.

  6. Some great books there Jo, I should make more time for reading, but find it's easier for me to listen to audio books so that I can get crafting done at the same time. x

  7. Thank you for all your comments.

  8. I've read Forever Liesel myself and thought it great read too!

    Didn't it make you want to put the Sound of Music on too?

    Victoria xx

  9. It did, Victoria. I'll be watching out for all the little things she mentioned in the film when I watch it next.