Friday, 9 March 2012

Something's Cooking

This is what we're having for tea tonight, Pork Casserole. Mick isn't a lover of pork, so I thought I'd get the slow cooker out and make a casserole to try and tempt him. I find that meat cooked slowly in the slow cooker is much more tender. I have to admit that I don't use my slow cooker very often, they're really handy when you're out at work all day as you can put tea on before you go to work and it's all ready for when you get home again, but I don't need to do that since I've stopped working. It should be a really tasty tea as along with the pork, there's leeks, parsnips and onions which are all home grown, and swede, carrots and new potatoes which aren't home grown.

The breadmaker is currently rustling up some dough for me. I don't really use the machine for baking the bread as it never turns out to my liking, but it's great for making dough, saving me from having to knead it. Once the dough's risen, I take it out and divide it up to make rolls and bake them in the oven. We'll have lovely warm bread with our casserole tonight.

I've also been doing some baking today. Ever since I started my healthy eating plan in January, I've been craving Butterfly Buns. I don't know why, it's years since I've had one. It's a simple recipe 4oz each of margarine, caster sugar and flour, and two eggs. This makes a dozen buns. I only made half of them in to Butterfly Buns as not everyone likes the buttercream which is used, so the other half were left plain. I shall have a treat after my tea, I've been good this week.

I whipped up a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies too. This recipe comes from Attic24, I've made these before and they're delicious.

I wonder if I could get away with eating a bun and a cookie.


  1. Everything looks great. I love my crock pots.

  2. Hope Mick enjoyed his tea! And you enjoyed your treats.
    Lisa x

  3. Yes, 'course you can. We're having pork casserole tomorrow.
    Love from Mum

  4. Hi Jo, everything looks delicious. I don't use my slow cooker much either but I agree that meat is much more tender. Can I have a cookie please? xxx

  5. Go on a little wicked, afterall it is Friday........your pork casserole sounds delicious. x

  6. I love pork casserole- I usually do dumplings with mine. I bought a slo-cooker months ago and still haven't used it!

  7. We dont use our slow cooker as much as we could.I tend to forget about it until I'm at work which sort of defeats the object!
    I'm sure you would be okay having a bun and a cookie.You have done so well since the new year!

  8. Your dinner looks delicious! I love putting root veg in a casserole - perfect for a slow cooker. Hope that you're having a good weekend! Jx

  9. I love your Fetching wristwarmers in the last post, Jo! Such a pretty colour. You are clever. I can see some stitches I haven't even dared to attempt yet!

    As for your cooking; delicious! Isn't it wonderful to provide you family with good food, and yes; that includes cakes too!

    Have a lovely weekend.


  10. Hi Jo, me again. Just wanted to say thank you for your lovely comment over at mine and so sorry about your uncle xxx

  11. Hi Jo,your baking looks gorgeous,Oh I'd love a butterfly bun with My cuppa.have a lovely week,xxx

  12. Thank you for all your lovely comments, they're always very much appreciated.

    I did indeed have a cookie as well as a Butterfly Bun. I've been on the scales today and I've lost again this week, so as I say, everything in moderation.