Saturday 24 March 2012

First And Second

Eleanor competed in a local music festival yesterday and did extremely well. Her first class was Girls and Boy Soprano Solo, 14 years and under. She had to sing a set song, A Smuggler's Song by Christopher le Fleming in key E minor, and she came first and won a cup to bring home for the year. We just need to get her name engraved on it now.

The second class she took part in was Junior Show class, 18 years and under. For this she had to sing a song from a show or musical, her own choice with a time limit of 5 minutes. Eleanor chose to sing Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins by Sherman & Sherman and came second.

We're really proud of her, she's got such a lovely voice even though I do say it myself, and I love to listen to her sing, though it's extremely nerve wracking watching her just in case she goes wrong, though she never has yet. She got some lovely complimentary comments from the adjudicator too.

This is the fourth year that Eleanor has competed at this festival and we see some familiar faces each year, but there were a few new faces there this year which is always good to see. I'm sure that Eleanor will be there again next year, she enjoys her singing so much.


  1. I can imagine she must have the most beautiful voice! No wonder you are so proud.I would have been in floods of tears!

  2. Well done to Eleanor. I remember accompanying a singer singing Feed the Birds. It's a lovely song.
    Love from Mum

  3. Many congratulations to Eleanor on her first and second places, a very proud parent moment!
    Lisa x

  4. Congratulations Eleanor ! You must be a very proud Mum Jo. x

  5. Well done to Eleanor! From someone who is completely tone deaf, I envy anyone who can sing!!

  6. Eleanor, you are a very clever and, no doubt, hardworking young lady. Bravo to you!

    Jo, I totally get the proud mother feelings when musical accomplishments are involved. My eight year old son, who plays the classical guitar, has (watch me blush) potential.

    One of my daughter's music teachers told us once that she believed music made people better people. I cannot help agree with this thought.


  7. That's fantastic! Please pass on my congratulations to Eleanor. You must be really proud of her. All the best, Jx

  8. Well done Eleanor and Mum & Dad must be so proud.
    Karen x

  9. Thank you all for your lovely comments. Eleanor was thrilled with all the congratulations, many thanks.

    Anne - I'm too nervous to cry, but I could get emotional if the nerves weren't there.

    Mum - I love the song, and Eleanor sings it so well.

    Michelle - I'm tone deaf too. I really don't know where Eleanor gets her singing voice from.

    Stephanie - So lovely to hear about your son. There seems to be such a lot of camaraderie between musicians. Eleanor has made lots of friends through her singing.