Sunday, 11 March 2012

Shibden Hall And Park

It was a nice day yesterday so we decided to go a little further afield than we usually do and visit Shibden Hall and Park which is in Halifax. We've never been here before so we didn't really know what to expect. It was a little cooler there than it was at home, and quite breezy too, we would have probably been better going today as it's been a really lovely day.

Shibden Hall dates back 600 years. It was built around 1420, and from around 1615 to 1926, it was owned by the Lister family. Anne Lister 1791-1840 became the owner after the death of her aunt. She was known as a well off Yorkshire landowner, traveller, mountaineer and diarist. In her diaries she detailed her life, including her financial concerns, her work improving Shibden Hall and her lesbian activities. Her diaries contain details of her romantic and sexual relationships, but they were written in a code derived from a combination of algebra and Ancient Greek. They were deciphered in the 1930's.

We didn't look around the hall as we had Archie with us, it was really the grounds which we came to explore. There was plenty of open space for Archie to have a good run.

There was lots of water in the park, so we had to keep putting Archie back on his lead. We saw a couple of dogs which had jumped in the lake, and as we didn't fancy having a wet dog in the car we took precautions. He even had a go at getting in to this little fountain which was built in to a wall.

This waterfall emptied out in to a pool. Luckily, it wasn't within easy reach for Archie.

It was only the ducks and geese which were using the boating lake. I'm sure it's well used in summer though.

There's a lovely playground for children, it's just a shame that my two are too old to use play equipment now. It does make me feel old though. Archie managed to find a huge sandpit too.

A little train takes it's passengers around the grounds.

There were some lovely crocus displays but they were a little worse for wear, the wind had certainly given them a battering.

We came across a tree stump which was covered in moss and fungi, fascinating.

Back towards the hall, we could see the wall which surrounds it. Can you see the open door? Daniel and Eleanor are nothing if curious so off they went.

Eleanor went in one direction, she arrived at the top.

Daniel went in another direction, we could just see a face peering out of a window.

We popped in to one of the cafes for ice cream, very reasonably priced, and there was another cafe down by the lake too. I really enjoy exploring new places.

On the way home we popped in to Halifax town centre, looked round the shops there, and also had a mooch around the Piece Hall. It was nice to see it busier than I've seen it previously. We had an all round nice day.


  1. We have never been to Shibden Hall and park.It looks really lovely.Nor have we ever been to the piece hall, a place we keep saying we must go to but never get round to!

  2. What a lovely day out, and such amazingly blue skies. We've had grey skies and no sunshine but it's been very mild.

  3. A really lovely family day out, they are just the best.
    I bet those diaries are an interesting read! That's a lovely photo of Daniel. Those crocus do look a little sad! Do you think Spring is on it's way now?
    Lisa x

  4. What a gorgeous place... looks like everyone enjoyed themselves, even Archie.
    The grass is so green already and all the crocus... Spring has surely sprung in your neck of the woods.
    Susan x

  5. Weve never done Shibden Hall - I'll pop it on "my list" . Love the Crocus. xx

  6. Thank you for the trip out. What a lovely place.
    Love from Mum

  7. A most enjoyable post! Flighty xx

  8. How lovely to see Shibden Hall again - I used to live in Halifax and dog walked, went boating and ran around the park often and later did some restoration stonework at the old brewhouse there. Brings back memories!

  9. Hi Jo, thanks for the comment on my blog. I cant wait to visit Lavender Cottage, it looks beautiful, a real home from home.As soon as I saw it on her blog I knew I wanted to go!

  10. Thank you for all your comments.

    Anne - You should visit the Piece Hall if you get chance. There aren't as many shops there as there used to be, but they're all individual and great to look round.

    Lisa - I hope spring is on it's way, I need to get some seeds sown. The diaries sound really interesting, I may read them at some point.

    Jennifer - How interesting. I enjoy seeing places I know on blogs to see what other people's take on it is.