Sunday, 1 April 2012

Flower Frenzy

I've had some gorgeous flowers brightening up my home throughout March. At the moment I've got these pretty roses, they're red tinged with yellow. They're displayed with some yellow carnations and another yellow feathery flower, which I don't know the name of, and they complement the roses well. This little posy cost £2.00.

Near the start of the month, I had some white chrysanthemums. These are a great bargain as they just seem to last forever, they were only put in the compost bin very recently. These were £3.00.

I was feeling a little down and taken for granted a few weeks ago so Mick gave me a surprise visit in the middle of the morning, when he should have been at work, with this gorgeous mixed bouquet. He doesn't often buy me flowers so it was a real surprise.

As the flowers began to fade, I picked out those which were still going strong, cut them down and made up a new arrangement in the jug which Mick had bought me for Christmas. They're still going strong.

I love my little jug and agree with the sentiment, Home Is Where The Heart Is.

It was Mother's Day two weeks ago and Eleanor bought me these gorgeous pale yellow carnations as well as the vase that they're displayed in.

I bought a tub of hyacinths from the local greengrocer for £1.99. I didn't know what colour they were going to be until they came in to flower but I wasn't disappointed in the least, isn't it a gorgeous colour? The scent was wonderful, far superior to any air freshener on the market, though the men of the house didn't agree, they weren't too keen on the perfume.

I'm sure you'll agree I've had a house filled with colour just lately. Which ones are your favourites?


  1. So hard to choose , but I think it has to be the hyacinths. They're with us so fleetingly that those delicate petals and heady scent are all the more special.

  2. Chrysanthemums for me because they last such a long time, but I wouldn't say no to any bunch of flowers. They brighten up my day aswell.
    Love from Mum

  3. You are so lucky to have a husband who buys you flowers! That was a really romantic gesture when you were feeling down. What a lovely man! Jx

  4. What a special hubby Mick is! I like all the flowers. I JUST LOVE FLOWERS.

    And your jug is perfect to display them in.

    Carnations and Chrysanthemums do last a long time so they are excellent value for money.

    I never see buying flowers as extravagant as you get so much pleasure out of them.

    You are a lucky girl!

    Sft x

  5. What a lovely selection of flowers. How thoughtful of Mick to bring you some flowers on a surprise trip home. The little jug is really lovely, the kind of thing I would like too, you have good taste!
    Lisa x

  6. I adore having flowers all round the house (usually too expensive sadly!) The roses are my favourites - but the hyacinths are pretty fab too x

  7. They are all beautiful. The little yellow one in with your roses is called solidago

  8. What a lovely selection! I especially like the white carnations and chrysanthemums. Flighty xx

  9. I like the roses and hyacinths. I have some hyacinths in my backyard flower boarder but its too soon to bloom here. We actually had snow yesterday but it melted right off.

  10. I like Mick's bouquet the best - you are lucky.

  11. Thank you for all your comments. Everyone has a different favourite.

    The Cookie Jar - Thank you for letting me know the name of the flower. I've never heard of it before, though I've seen it used lots in mixed bunches.

  12. So many lovely flowers! And sweet of Mick to surprise you!
    Having flowers in the home makes it feel loved, lived in and somehow is the finishing touch.

    Just seen you snow!

    Gill xx

  13. I agree about flowers in the house, Gill. It can be quite expensive buying fresh flowers through so I'm looking out for ones which are good value for money.