Sunday, 8 April 2012

Craft Fair

We haven't done very much over the Easter bank holiday weekend, mainly because Mick and Eleanor have been decorating Eleanor's bedroom. Today is the day for glossing, so before they got started we headed off to give Archie a walk at Lotherton Hall. There was a craft fair and farmers market on today, as well as lots of Easter themed entertainment for the children.

The first stand we came across was a bird of prey exhibit. Mick headed off with Archie in a different direction so that Archie didn't spook them. They're such beautiful birds. This one, a male European Eagle Owl, was watching everything that was going on. He kept twisting his head right the way round.

This is a female Kestrel. We often spot these in the sky around where we live.

A female Harris Hawk. She's a beauty.

There were quite a few craft stalls, some near the car park and others in the courtyard near the cafe.

The farmers market was a little disappointing. There were very few stalls, and none selling fresh produce. From what I can remember there was a couple of fudge stalls, another selling oils, one selling jams and chutneys and a scone stall.

The stables at Lotherton house a carriage collection and they were on display today. This Town Coach was built in the mid 1800's.

This State Coach was once owned by the Earl of Derby and it was kept at Knowsley Hall in Lancashire. It was purchased by the museum section of Leeds City Council in the 1950's and since being restored in the 1980's has been used several times by the Lord Mayor on official occasions.

I didn't come away from the craft fair empty handed. These hand made soaps were made by It's Soap and smell good enough to eat. I chose lemon, lime and dewberry.

One of the activities in the grounds was making an Easter flower basket so Eleanor had a go. She wrapped a plant pot in hessian and tied it with raffia, then planted it up with a primula, tete a tete daffodil and hyacinth.

It'll look lovely when they're all blooming.


  1. I love the little pot Eleanor made. The owl looks very majestic. Hope the decorating goes to plan and Eleanor is pleased with the result.
    Lisa x

  2. yay for not doing much but boo to boring glossing! Happy Easter to you and yours and looking forward to seeing the new room x

  3. Isn't it a shame when they advertise farmers markets and they're disappointing with the actual produce on offer.

    Victoria xx

  4. I didnt know there was anything on at Lotherton hall this weekend.We havent done anything today,just had lots of visitors round and chilled out.

  5. That's my kind of morning, especially with the wonderful birds of prey.
    I hope that you've had a good Easter, it's been dull and wet here.
    Flighty xx

  6. Its been a great holiday for decorating! Hope she likes her bedroom. xxx

  7. I am surprised that the owl was not sleeping. What a gorgeous carriage - we have nothing like that here in the west. Just old dull weather beaten wooden buildings that are ready to fall down.

    Lime sounds like a fun soap.

  8. Happy Easter! have you more or less got to the end of the decorating? I love your owl picture... it would be perfect for a caption competition! Jx

  9. your pictures are fabulous! that owl is looking right at me!

  10. Thanks for sharing those beautiful birds with me!

    Aren't the Eagle Owls enormous!

    Sft x

    Did you enjoy The Help. I LOVED IT!

  11. It's a nice activity to create such a plant pot, the idea makes me feel inspired for the next spring. It is so easy to buy such a pot in a store these days but to create one is much more entertaining! :-)

  12. Thank you for all your lovely comments.

    Lisa - The daffodil is blooming now, it looks lovely.

    Grace - I didn't do the glossing, I don't do painting.

    Victoria - I really wish there was a good farmers market around here. I've been to a couple but they're never very good.

    Anne - They never seem to advertise anything very well at Lotherton. I love days where I can just chill out.

    Flighty - I hope the weather's improved for you. I'm always in two minds when I come across birds of prey like this. I hate to see them tethered, but I'm sure they get plenty of flying time, they look so well looked after, and we wouldn't get to see them up close and personal like this otherwise.

    Diane - The bedroom isn't finished yet, the painting is but we still need a carpet and all the finishing touches. She's pleased with it so far though.

    Ruth - The owl didn't seem sleepy at all. Surprising as they're nocturnal creatures.

    Jan - Another week or so and it will all be done. It's looking good already though.

    Momto8 - Thank you. I was pleased that I managed to capture the owl looking down the lens.

    Sft - The Eagle Owl was huge, so much bigger than some other owl species. I loved The Help too, I'm looking forward to seeing the film now.

    Petra - Thank you for visiting. I agree, it's so much more fun and satisfying to create something from scratch.