Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

I'd heard the weather forecasters predicting an overnight snowfall in my part of the world, but it was quite mild yesterday so I thought they must have got it wrong. Imagine my surprise when I woke to find a covering of the white stuff.

This is how bleak our walk was this morning, the sky still looks to be full of snow and the temperature has plummeted. Archie was pleased that he was wearing his coat to keep him warm.

It's still snowing now, though I don't think it will last as it's already quite mushy, but Mick cancelled an overnight trip to Bristol as he heard that the motorways were quite bad. It's hard to believe we've got snow again after the gorgeous weather we've had just lately.


  1. Hi Jo, I know, we woke up to snow this morning! It was lovely and hot on sunday. I'm not impressed. Hopefully it won't last though, doesn't the weather know it's spring now? Lots of love xxx

  2. Wow I bet that sight this morning was a wee bit of a shock...
    Nature seems confused on her choice of season. I'm sure it won't last.
    Have a wonderful Easter.
    Susan x

  3. It has just started snowing here - with flakes as big as golf balls - just rushed out to fleece my new flower seedlings that are just coming through - arghh!

  4. Oh dear, shame they got it right! Just when we've got back into the warmer weather gear and way of life.
    Chilly here but havent checked the forecast today.

    Have a great Easter Jo - sorry I havent been over for a while.

    Gill xx

  5. I am still in complete denial as it's a sunny (ish) day here.

    Mr Sft has had 2 local jobs this morning but I'm dreading him getting set 'up north' into the snow.

    I think Mick has made a very sensible decision.

    Any chance of a photo of Archie in his jacket. I bet he looks SOOOO sweet!

    Sft x

  6. Oh goodness me! It hasn't snowed at all here, just very wind and wet earlier. I can't believe how cold it is though, the boys were wearing shorts last week! XxX

  7. our weather is totally confused at the moment, one day warm + sunny then snow the next. Wrap up warm. Amanda x

  8. crazy - it is not warm but no snow at all in Hampshire x

  9. Wow - you've got a really good covering. It's sleeted here all day but nothing has settled in Solihull. It was the last day of term and all the pupils were wearing their own clothes. Some of them were frozen. They may hate the purple blazers but at least they're warm! Jx

  10. We are finally getting some spring weather but here in Utah, I have seen in snow in June so I keep an eye on the weather forecasts. If I have my tomatoes planted, I can cover them to protect from a back to winter storm.

  11. This weather is bonkers, though no snow down here. Hope you are all keeping warm and snuggly.
    Lisa x

  12. Yes we had a covering of snow here in Wakefield too, thankfully it has all gone now, still bitterly cold though!

  13. Oh my goodness! That snow is unbelievable! It's amazing that we're just here across the water from you and enjoying another spring day. Am glad the snow is gone now and fingers crossed it STAYS gone.

  14. Wow! So much snow! I couldn't believe the water in the chicken run was frozen this morning! Unbelievable, the change in the weather! Good excuse to snuggle up in the evenings tho!

  15. Thank you for all your comments. I'm very pleased to say that the snow didn't hang around, it was all gone by night time, though the temperatures haven't returned to the highs that they were before.

    Sft - I'm hoping that Archie's coat has been put away now for this year, but I somehow doubt it. I will certainly take a photo, especially for you, next time he wears it.

    Rachel - It's amazing how the weather is so different even when we're not that far away from each other.

    Jan - My school uniform used to be purple, I hated it.