Thursday, 26 April 2012

Sewing In No Time

I was thrilled to bits when Eleanor decided to take textiles as one of her options at school. Although there's lots of different aspects to the subject, she will be taught how to use a sewing machine. She started taking an interest in sewing a few years ago, it's something I can't help with at all as sewing is not something I've ever learnt. I have tried to encourage her though, we bought her a sewing machine a few Christmas's ago and she does tinker on there every once in a while.

She's really enjoying her lessons at school, so to give further encouragement at home I decided to buy her a book. It's one I'd seen on The Book People, Sewing In No Time by Emma Hardy. I'd read some favourable reviews, and as it was discounted from £14.99 to £3.99 I ordered it.

Each project is set out well, giving details of all the materials needed, the time it will take to make and clear instructions with diagrams as well as lovely photos of the finished items.

I didn't realise that the book is actually filled with ideas for soft furnishing projects for the home, I don't think Eleanor will be interested in making a roll-up blind, but there's still plenty of projects that have caught her eye.

I particularly like the Lined Storage Basket,

as well as the Pet Basket

and the Ribbon and Button Lavender Bag.

I've already got a list of materials needed for some projects Eleanor wants to have a go at so I hope that by buying her this book, I've piqued her interest a little more, and who knows, I might give something a go myself.


  1. Hi Jo, it's lovely that Eleanor is interested in sewing. I was terrified of my sewing machine when I first got it but we're good friends now. I just started by sewing squares together and soon got the hang of it. Lots of love xxx

  2. Thank you Jo! The button looks good in your sidebar. Good luck xxx

  3. What a lovely book, it sound as though you are going to have great fun together.

    Love Arwedd xx

  4. There's some lovely ideas in that book and the diagrams seem very clear too. I'm looking forward to seeing what Eleanor makes! Jx

  5. What a fab bargain buy Jo.......the book looks full to the brim of lovely sewing projects.......perhaps you could learn together, I'll look forward to seeing what Eleanor sews.
    lily xx

  6. I come from generations of sewers and learned so I have the skill but I really don't enjoy it. In my youth it was done out of necessity since we were on the poor side of the fence.

  7. Bargain book, might have to pop over to the book people too! x

  8. Well if your sewing turns out to be a fab as your knitting you'll end up with some great new things.
    It's a good skill to learn, hope Eleanor continues to enjoy it.
    Lisa x

  9. I'm not a good sewer even though my mum was always a seamstress who made all our clothes/home furnishings etc. I do what I have to but would much rather knit or crochet!!
    The book looks really good though, I will keep a look out for it.I have got the Quilting in no time book by the same author, another Book people buy!

  10. Let's hope she'll be teaching you a few things!

    I would love to revisit my textile lessons and pay attention!

    Victoria xxx

  11. There's nothing more rewarding than being able to sew except being a great cook!
    She'll have lots of fun and maybe even want to sew a little something for herself.
    Have a great weekend!
    Susan x

  12. I hope you do have a go because I'm sure you would love it. Sewing has been a huge part of my life since forever! The ladies at Elsecar Heritage are doing some cushion workshops if you are interested. They are not too expensive and are very keen to teach. Let me know if you need any details - I might pop along myself for one of the days. xxx

  13. Not sure if my comment posted! But I said Have a go - you'll love it! The ladies at Heritage reloved have posted some cushion making days on their facebook page if you are interested in having a look at them. I might pop along to one of them myself! x

  14. Hi Jo,
    Thanks for visiting me - as now I've discovered your lovely little corner of the blogosphere! :-)
    I'll be back soon, to mooch through some of your older posts.
    I like the look of this book, by the way! Especially at that price!!!

  15. That is fab that she wants to learn sewing, I hope one of mine does that so they can teach me a thing or two :-) I have that book, it is good isn't it. x

  16. Those projects look lovely.

    Lucky girl.

    Sft x

  17. Thank you for all your comments.

    Victoria - If I knew what I know now, I would have paid much more attention in my textile lessons.

    Susan - Eleanor's interested in cooking too, she made a roast dinner for us on Friday (with a little help from me).

    Diane - Thanks for the info, I'm a little scared to be let loose in public right now, but I'll bear it in mind.

    Carly - Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoy my older posts, I'll be visiting you again.