Thursday 28 July 2011

We're All Going On A Summer Holiday

We're going on holiday on Saturday for two weeks and I can't wait. We're spending the first week in a lodge near Bude in Cornwall and the second week in a cottage near Exeter in Devon.

I'm looking forward to seeing gorgeous scenery like this.

Daniel and Eleanor are looking forward to doing some rockpooling.

There is fishing on site at both properties so Mick is looking forward to that.

Archie is looking forward to coming with us. How could we leave him at home? He hasn't been to the seaside before but I'm sure he'll love it.

We've never stayed at the property in Cornwall before, but it looks really nice, whereas we know what the cottage in Devon is like as we stayed there last year. There's a swimming pool at both places.

We're setting off very early on Saturday morning, hoping to miss some of the traffic. It's a long way down from Leeds, and will take a good few hours, especially with lots of convenience stops for Archie.

We've got gorgeous weather here today so I hope it continues for the next two weeks.

I haven't started packing yet, in fact I've got lots to do yet before we go, so I'll say goodbye and see you in a fortnight, though we do have internet connection whilst away so I just might see you before.


  1. That sounds lovely, I hope you all have a fantastic holiday! Can't wait to see your pictures. XxX

  2. Hope you have a lovely holiday .... and lots of fun with Archie xxx

  3. We may bump into each other! I will be in Devon too. Heres hoping for a MASSIVE heatwave! xxx

  4. Have a good time, and I bet Archie will enjoy it! Flighty xx

  5. I hope you all have the most wonderful fortnight away!
    Lisa x
    p.s the word verif is woofoo, perhapd that's what Archie's verdict on his hols will be!

  6. Have a great holiday Jo. We go to Devon in two weeks and we are staying at Exeter. Hope the weather is great for you, and us too!

  7. We love the north coast of Cornwall, it's rugged coastline is absolutely amazing. Boscastle is lovely and quaint and if you can get further south to Port Issac, it's well worth a visit. It's got narrow streets, a pottery, a harbour and a small aquarium. Oh and it's the village where they filmed Doc Martin. Have a lovely holiday. Lesley x

  8. That will be a long journey. We found traffic to be really heavy and took longer than we expected. Hope you have a super time. CN. x

  9. Ooooo sounds so exciting Jo! We were there in last half term and it was fantastic. Enjoy and I look forward to pics when you return xx

  10. I'm so late in wishing you a fabulous holiday you are probably coming to the end and hope you had a great time,

    Victoria xx

  11. Thanks, everyone, we had a wonderful holiday.

    Lisa - Haha, love the word verification.

    Lesley - We've been to Boscastle and Port Isaac before, but visited again this year. Boscastle is one of my favourite places.