Monday 25 July 2011

Knitting And Crochet

I've had another spending spree where yarn is concerned, this time I've made a purchase from Wharfedale Woolworks and I'm pleased as punch with what I've received.

This is 75% British Bluefaced Leicester wool and 25% nylon, making it ideal for sock knitting. It has been dip dyed and hand painted with iris blues and purples, yellows and greens.

One skein contains less green and more purple than the other.

It's amazing what you can find online these days. Look at these cute little Hand Made charms. I bought a few so that I could sew them in to my knitted garments, especially those I make as gifts.

A couple of posts back, I showed you the socks I had started for my mum for Christmas. After nearly finishing the first sock it became apparent that they weren't going to fit my mum, and rather than finishing them off and giving them to Eleanor, I decided that I would pull it all out and use a different pattern.

I'm not the fastest knitter so it was a bit of a wrench having to pull out all that work, but I'm pleased I did now as I've found a lovely pattern, Waving Not Drowning, and it looks lovely. My photo doesn't really do it justice. I hope these will fit my mum.

I'm still plodding on with my crochet granny squares which will eventually be sewn in to a blanket, but it's going rather slowly at the moment as I'm back to my knitting. I've done forty six squares so far, there's still many more to go but there's no rush.

It's certainly going to be a very colourful blanket.


  1. The socks look lacy, bet your mum will love them.
    Good luck with the blanket1
    Lisa x

  2. The socks look lovely! And your granny squares are soooo neat! :)

  3. Your homemade gifts will look great with your little hand made charms.

  4. What beautiful yarn - it'll make fantastic looking socks :0)
    Sorry you've had to 'frog' your mum's socks, I hate having to rip my knitting back. Love the new pattern that you've chosen though. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the size is a better fit.

  5. Beautiful yarn Jo.
    Cute labels!
    Love those granny squares too, they are so bright and cheery.
    Im sure Archie will enjoy being away with you, and how great that sounds to have two weeks away in different places. We can only have a week due to hubbys work committments, and I find even though you can pack a surprising amount into a week, you never achieve that relaxed on holiday feel that 2 weeks brings.
    Hope the weather improves for you.
    Im sure your sweetcorn will pick up with all this rain!
    Gill xx

  6. Hi Jo,
    That wool is just gorgeous, it just makes you want to knit and crochet.
    The socks are going to be very pretty, again I love your choice of colour.
    I think the little hand charms are very clever and sweet.
    You are doing well with the granny squares I have fallen by the wayside with my one a day but will get back to it this week.x

  7. Hello there! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment. Yes, 'Knit Nation' was fantastic.Isn't it lovely when you finsd a new blogger to visit :-) Ros

  8. Thank you for all your lovely comments, they make my day.

    Ros - Thank you for visiting. Yes, it's always lovely to find a new blog to read, I shall be returning to your's to keep up with your adventures.

  9. These socks are turning out lovely. Great choice of yarn! So cheery!

  10. Thank you for visiting, K, and thank you for your lovely comment.