Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Gala And Pet Show

It was the local gala on Sunday, and one of the attractions there was a pet show. Children were invited to bring along their pets and show them for a chance of winning a voucher to be spent in the local pet shop.

Eleanor decided she would have a go at showing Archie. He actually came from parents who are shown at Crufts, and his sister has also qualified for Crufts, though we don't intend on showing him at all, he's purely a pet and this show was just a bit of fun which Eleanor wanted to take part in.

There were all sorts of pets there, from a tortoise to guinea pigs and rabbits, and all breeds of dogs, including cross breeds and mongrels. The small pets were judged separately from the dogs.

It was a very hot day and there was a bit of hanging around while the judges made their decision.

Archie didn't get a place. Two Rottweilers which were dressed up as a lifeguard and a shark (though it wasn't fancy dress) came third, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier came second, and the first place went to a little curly haired black dog, I'm not sure of the breed (if it had one), but it was very cute. Archie did win a rosette though for taking part.

We didn't stay long at the gala, the sun was beating down making it quite uncomfortable to be out, especially for Archie. This was in sharp contrast to some previous years when the field has been a quagmire due to presistent rain, something we're certainly not getting this year. I do enjoy attending and supporting local events though.


  1. Archie is very cute and if I had been a judge he would have won 1st place!! Cx

  2. Well done to Archie! I think it must take a lot of patience to show dogs. You had great weather for it.

  3. Glad you had a fun day. We have spent last few days enjoying local independence day festivities, it is fun to see community gathering together like that.

  4. Archie's so cute, should have won a place. It's no fun being out in the sweltering heat when you have no shade to stand under.

  5. Aw he's well cute! Glad you had a good time. I really wish it would rain now though! :)

  6. Well done for taking part and getting a rosette! It was so hot on Sunday, we don't seem to be getting a happy mediun do we.
    Lisa x

  7. Awww Archie, he looks so well behaved and happy to be there anyway!
    Those poor dressed up dogs though, can't imagine how hot they'd have been!

  8. Well done to Archie and Eleanor for taking part, and by the look of it enjoying themselves!
    Good for you for attending and supporting local events. Flighty xx

  9. Thanks for all your lovely comments, everyone.

    Rachel - Your wish has come true, the rain has certainly arrived, though it hasn't cooled down much.