Monday 18 July 2011

Stash Building

After reading about Laughing Yaffle yarn on a number of blogs, I decided I had to try it for myself, so a couple of weeks ago I placed an order.

I was delighted that the parcel arrived quickly, and look at the lovely confetti sprinkles which were included in the package, a lovely touch. The yarn is 4ply 80% wool and 20% nylon and so it's ideal for sock knitting.

I chose Moonlight Sonata, a mixture of deepest plum, crimson and dark teal. The colours look gorgeous together.

I'm a bit of a sucker for orange so the second skein I chose was Mango Tango. These shades are ochre, golden yellow, pale orange, burnt orange, scarlet and all the shades in between.

A loyalty card was included in the package, so I'll definitely have to pay the website another visit. The yarn is so lovely that I would purchase more whether I was being rewarded for loyaly or not, I just need to save my pennies.

I decided that I would use some of this yarn to knit a pair of socks for my mum for Christmas. I haven't yet knit any socks which have a pattern to them but after seeing so many Monkey socks on blogs, I've decided to give these a go.

The socks seem to be knitting up rather small, so I'll just have to see how they turn out. Eleanor has already staked a claim in case they turn out too small for my mum.

So far, the pattern is going well. It makes a change from knitting plain socks.


  1. I've never heard of Laughing Yaffle, so I'm off to go and check out their website.
    The yarn's you've purchased are fab :0)
    Happy sock knitting xx

  2. The socks look wonderful. I, too, am going to check out the yarn.
    Love from Mum

  3. Love the look of that yarn, the colours are beautiful.
    The socks you are making look wonderful, I am always impressed with sock knitters ebing a non-knitter - it looks so complicated with 4 needles!
    Interesting to hear that Archie too runs off with completed crochet sqares - i have lost count of the times i have found my latest squares strewn around the floor - Logan lifts them out of my bag!
    What a pair they would make!
    A Belated Happy Birthday to Eleanor - I hope she had a wonderful day. Two teenagers! Where does the time go!
    Hope Daniel is enjoying life after exams!
    Gill xx

  4. Scrumptious!!!! Off right now to check out the site! xxx

  5. Thanks for your comment Jo!
    I too have difficulty getting Bella out of bed some days - she will quite happily sleep away all morning if I left her to it!
    Still, after all their hard work they deserve some rest and relaxation!
    Bella enjoyed her two weeks work experience but is glad now to be free til September.
    Thanks for displaying my giveaway button!
    Raining again here, good for the garden, although I keep finding mini marrows instead of courgettes they are growing so quickly!
    Gill xx

  6. Hi Jo, I've never heard of laughing yaffle either, must check out the website. The colours are just brilliant and those socks look lovely! Happy knitting! Lesley x

  7. What an inventive name! I like your yarn choies, esp that plum and teal one. The socks you are making look very snuggly.
    Lisa x

  8. I wish I could knit! Posts like this leave me feeling helplessly thick! lol!

  9. Thanks for all your lovely comments. Definitely check out the Laughing Yaffle website, there's some gorgeous colours to choose from.

    Gill - I agree with you that the kids need some rest and relaxation after their exams, they're pushed so hard these days. Daniel's gone off to Headingley with a friend today to watch the cricket. I always thought that sock knitting looked hard, but once you've got the hang of using four needles, which isn't that difficult, it's a doddle.

    Denise - Not thick at all, it's just that we all learn different things, though it's never too late to learn, you know.