Monday 11 July 2011


My mum and dad have sold their house. They've been thinking about moving for a few years and have finally taken the plunge.

They put the house on the market at the end of April and within six weeks they'd had an offer which they accepted. They've found a two bedroomed appartment which they like and have put in an offer for it which has been accepted, so they're just waiting for a moving date now.

It's quite ironic that they chose the time they did to put the house on the market. They've been thinking for a while that the house is too big for them now that they're on their own and not getting any younger, and the upkeep is getting too much. The week after they'd instructed the estate agent to put it up for sale, my dad had his heart attack.

The appartment they're moving in to is within walking distance of my house, which I'm really pleased about, and it's in a complex for the over 55's so they shouldn't have any rowdy neighbours.

It's quite sad that I won't be able to visit the house anymore though. Our family moved there when I was two and I lived there until I was twenty, so it holds all my childhood memories.


  1. My great aunt and uncle just sold their house and I was sad to see it go as I always said it's where I'd liked to have married, but like your parents they're now in a complex for the over 55's and therefore it's more suitable for their needs and closer to our family,

    Victoria xx

  2. It will be sad not to be able to visit 'home' but it does seem like a very sensisble move! I hope they are very happy and the move goes smoothly.
    Lisa x

  3. I bet you feel happy and sad all at the same time, your family home being sold but the joy of your parents moving closer. I hope the move goes smoothly for them. x

  4. I hope the move goes well for your parents, it sounds like it's the right thing do. But it's always sad to leave a home behind, I know! XxX

  5. Hope they are happy in their new home. Its nice that they are so close to you.

  6. So good they did all the stressful stuff before your dad had his heartattack xxx The enjoyment of the new apartment hopefully will give him a break. xxxx

  7. Oh I know it's sad to think you won't be visiting your childhood home again. I hope your parents have a smooth transition to their new home. Change is always hard so I wish you all the best :-)

  8. It is a very sad time when you can no longer just walk into the 'Family Home' and shout "it's only me" or "I'm home". It was a real wrench for me when I had to sell my mum's home after she died. I still find myself driving passed it when I'm in the neighbourhood.
    It's time for another family to create their own happy memories there now, whilst you treasure yours and create new ones.

  9. Happy New Home to your parents. They're near and they're here. That's all that matters.
    Love from Mum

  10. Changing times. It will be sad for you all to not have your family home anymore, but it is such a good decision for them to move. So many older people stay put in houses that are too big and too costly to run. Hope the move goes smoothly. xxxx

  11. Thank you for all your lovely comments, I can see that you all understand exactly what I mean. I'm really pleased that my mum and dad are moving to somewhere more suitable and also that they're near me, but the move will also be a little sad having to say goodbye to my childhood home.

    Mum - That is so true, thank you.