Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Soft Fluffy Towels

I never seem to get round to buying new towels for the bathroom, in fact, I'm quite embarrassed to admit that I've had some of my towels since we got married over twenty years ago.

Whilst doing a bit of online browsing at Marks and Spencer I came across these gorgeous fluffy towels which had been reduced. They're just the right colour for my bathroom, so I bought a bundle of them.

I had to take them outside in the garden for a photo shoot as their true colour wouldn't show up indoors.

Now I can pass all my twenty year old towels, and some newer ones, on to Archie. He needs plenty of towels for when he comes home from his walks covered in mud.


  1. Love the colour! So vivid and bright! They will be lovely in your bathroom! Cx

  2. All my towels are good old M&S!

    Victoria xx

  3. What a lovely summery blue!
    Ww have towels still going strong which would have been bought 14 years ago next month from BHS which were a wedding gift to us!
    Lisa x

  4. I love fluffy towels. That's a lovely shade of blue. Bet you can't wait to have a shower to try them out.

  5. I know what you mean, usually there are so many other nice things I would rather spend money on the towels so we hadn't changed ours for years until recently. Goodness new towels are fluffy aren't they :-) Fab colour :-)

  6. Thought I'd pop over to the other side today.
    I smiled at this post as our towels were exactly the same about 20 years old, then I bought some lovely thick ones in TKMax very resonably one day and after that I became strangely addicted to buying towels for a while. We now have enough to last for the next 20 years!:-)
    Yours are the most gorgeous shade of blue.

  7. Like the color! I need new towels as well. A stack of clean folded towels does look nice, tell me when you get new ones do kids put them on the rail or ditch them on the floor like the old ones?

  8. Thanks for your comments, everyone. I'm glad I'm not the only one with old towels.

    Bluebell - Welcome to Through The Keyhole. TKMax is great for things like towels, I wonder why I didn't think to look in there.

    Gail - It doesn't matter whether towels are new or old, my kids still leave them wet on their bedroom floors.

  9. I LOVE new towels - I replaced mine last year - all white too. I have recently bought a mattress topper and treated us to a summer duvet - been so hot! White duvet cover and sheets - have decided to eventually just use white - all white??? lol!

  10. I would never get away with having white in my house, Denise. White and kids do not mix well. It's bad enough having a white kitchen, I'm always cleaning it. I bet your house looks lovely though with all your new linen.