Friday 24 June 2011

End Of Exams

Daniel has taken his Geography GCSE today, and this is the last of his exams. He hasn't been stressed about his exams in the slightest, unlike me, though I can now heave a sigh of relief that they're over. It's now a waiting game for the results, which are published on 25th August.

Today is also the last day that Daniel will wear his school uniform. He is going back to school in September to start his A level courses, but the sixth form don't have to wear uniform as such, just smart business wear. Ties are optional which Daniel's pleased about as he hates wearing them.

We're going out for a meal tonight to celebrate the end of exams, well, any excuse for a meal out.


  1. Glad to hear it's all been taken in his stride.

    Enjoy your meal this evening,

    Victoria xxx

  2. I never did like ties either but thankfully don't have to wear one nowadays! Flighty xx

  3. I hate exams, so I'm very relieved to hear that Daniel's are all over. Have a fab time on your meal out tonight in celebration.

  4. Have a lovely meal out tonight.

    You can relax now. It will be a few more years before you need to worry about exams again with Eleanor.

  5. Well done to Daniel for getting through the whole process in such a calm manner!
    Hope you all enjoyed your meal out, good to have a treat!
    Lisa x

  6. Thanks for all your comments, everyone.

    Karen - We'll have exams for the next three years at least. Daniel will have AS levels next year, A levels the year after that, then Eleanor will have her GCSEs the year after that. There'll be another two years of exams after that if Eleanor takes A levels. No wonder I'm going grey.