Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Making Money Whilst Shopping

Since I finished working last year, I've had to be careful with money. It's been quite hard as whilst I was bringing a wage home, I was quite frivolous with money and it's been a hard habit to break.

I've found that having a weekly budget has helped, and most weeks I can stick to it. What I have done is sought out ways of making my money go further. Apart from the usual buying things which are on special offer, using money off vouchers and finding the best deals, I have come across a few other ways of making money whilst shopping.

I registered for Shop and Scan quite a while ago and it was just before last Christmas that I was accepted. I've been given a hand held scanner and a book of barcodes and I scan everything I buy from the shops. Once a week I upload the information to the Shop and Scan website and send them a scan of my receipts. You don't earn a huge amount from this, but they do sometimes send surveys for which you can earn extra points and there are other panels which you can become a member of by invitation. To put it in context, I will earn enough to pay for a few people's Christmas presents, so to me, it's worth doing.

Another site I use is Quidco. This is a cashback site so if you're shopping for something on the internet, if you go through this site you will earn a percentage for doing so. I try to purchase my insurance through Quidco as you tend to get a good amount for that. I will be ordering a dishwasher this week so will go through Quidco for that, especially as it will cost a fair bit.

I have been a member of the My Survey panel for quite a while. I complete surveys online for which I'm paid a nominal amount. I tend to get quite a few surveys sent through, and the amount soon adds up.

It's always worth checking Money Saving Expert. As well as giving advice about most things you're likely to buy, there are many specialist forums advertising deals which members of the public have found.

Another site worth checking out is Hot UK Deals. This is updated throughout the day and there are lots of supermarket deals to be found.

I used to sell lots of things, especially clothes which Daniel and Eleanor had outgrown, on Ebay. I made lots of money doing this, but with the fees increasing so much and the time it takes to list everything, I've stopped selling on Ebay now. All their old clothes now make their way to the charity shop.

I hope I may have given you some ideas here. Do you have any others that I'm not aware of?


  1. Moneysavingexpert changed my life and really helped me save money and turn my finances around. I particularly love the freebies forum - i am constantly amazed at what you can get for free. xxx

  2. I use TopCashBack for my online shopping. When I first moved into my flat I ordered everything through there and made quite a pile of cash. I even order my items from M&S, Next etc through there and collect them instore, earning money but not incurring P&P costs,

    Victoria xx

  3. That scanner idea is amazing, never seen anything like that before!
    know exactly what you mean about Ebay too, listings and fees have gone up too high for me to bother really, but I do use Amazon to sell old books, I find their system is still quite good!
    Thanks for the tips, always a good feeling when you save a bit of cash! x

  4. I tend to go through Nectar when I order anything online (and we order A LOT online), this earns me loads of Nectar points, which I redeem in Sainsburys and therefore get money off my shopping.
    I also always check out the discount voucher websites before buying anything. Sometimes you can just find a code for free P&P, other times 10% off, or more.

  5. All well worth taking the time to look at and/or do! Flighty xx

  6. I've never heard of that, will have to have a look, though I have heard of the surveys. Do they take long to do?

  7. Will have to try the survey site. I have never heard of shop and scan, will look into that one too. I do buy things through quidco, even registered my card so when I visit the cinema or shop in certain shops I get money back.

  8. Thanks for your comments, everyone.

    Victoria - I collect from stores rather than pay for p&p too. Convenient and saving money at the same time.

    Kay - I've never used Amazon to sell books, I'll have to look in to that. I use it far too much for buying books though.

    Jill - I didn't realise that you could go through Nectar to other shops. I see it works very similar to Quidco. I too look for discount codes, there's so many out there to be had.

    Gail - The surveys differ in length. Sometimes they'll be a matter of minutes, other times they can take half an hour. You usually get more points for the longer ones. You don't have to do them all if you don't want to.

  9. Hi Jo , busy reading through your old posts, do you still do the shop and scan?

    1. I do, though I must admit that it's Mick who does all the scanning for me and I don't use it on every shop, I still get the same amount of points though just so long as I transmit once a week and upload the scans of my receipts. You give Shop and Scan details of your family when you start so that they know who you're buying for and both Daniel and Eleanor have been asked to participate in other ventures through this, thereby earning themselves some money too. Eleanor gets points for giving details about the make up and beauty products she buys and Daniel texts details about food or snacks he buys outside the home and gets points for doing that. I think Daniel will have earnt himself about £100 this year, great when you're a student as every penny counts.

    2. Thanks Jo, I will have a think about it x

    3. You have to register your interest, it doesn't mean that you'll automatically be taken on. I think it was a couple of years before they accepted me. Good luck if you decide to go for it.