Monday, 20 June 2011

Come For A Walk With Archie

I thought I'd show you a regular walk which Archie and I take. It's on our doorstep so it's really handy.

First of all we set off up the lane. It's really only dog walkers who use the lane, other than horses.

We soon come to the stables. Archie loves to see the horses.

If I click my tongue, the horses come to see us.

The elderflowers are blooming and there's lots of other pretty flowers too.

We're further along the lane now.

This is our view to the right.

This is our view to the left.

There's more wild flowers to see.

Further on and it's nearly time to turn off. There is a garden centre at the end of the lane, but Archie isn't allowed in so we don't go there on our walks.

Here is our turn off, in to the farmer's field.

We need to cross this field but we'll keep to the track at the side so as not to destroy the farmer's crops.

Uh oh, Archie. You're not being a good dog. The farmer won't be very pleased if you trample his crops.

That's better. Archie sticks to the path most of the time.

There's more elderflowers at the side of this field.

We've made it through one field and we now have to cross another field, but this time the track is right through the middle of the field.

Eating the farmer's crops is just as bad as trampling them, Archie.

Here we are at the opening to the next field.

This is Archie's favourite field. There used to be a children's playground here but all the equipment has been removed.

Archie has plenty of space to run around in this field.

What fun, rolling about in the grass.

We hope you enjoyed coming on our walk with us.


  1. Aw that made me smile. Yes I enjoyed going for a walk with you and Archie.

  2. Thanks for inviting me along - what a lovely walk. You're really lucky to have such a fab walk so close by.
    You'll have to show us the same walk in Wintertime, so we can see how the landscape changes. x

  3. What a pleasure that walk is - thank you for sharing it with us,

    Victoria xx

  4. Ideal for both of you by the look of it, especially on a nice day! Flighty xx

  5. What a beautiful place to walk. So peaceful!

  6. What a great walk..... lucky Archie!

  7. So pretty! I feel energised now after my walk with you and Archie! Off for a cuppa! Cx

  8. Wonderful - I was with you every step of the way.

  9. Thanks for your comments. Glad you all enjoyed the walk.

    Jill - It's a lovely walk with snow on the ground, very pretty. I'll show you in winter.

    Flighty - We only do this walk on nice days, it's very muddy when it's been raining and Archie always finds the puddles so we avoid it then.

  10. Archie is a very lucky puppy!
    What a lovely walk, thank you!

  11. Glad you enjoyed it, Orkney flowers. Archie loves this walk, and I do too.