Friday 10 June 2011

Rescue Me

I never seem to find time for reading these days, but I've finally got round to picking up one of the many books I had bought for me for Christmas.

Rescue Me by Melissa Wareham is about the fifteen years that the author spent working at Battersea Dogs Home.

I'm about half way through the book now and can't put it down. As you can imagine, there are some sad stories and I have found myself wiping away a tear, but there are also many happy and funny tales. I keep glancing up and noticing the rest of the family giving me funny looks as I let out a chuckle.

I'm sure that any dog lover would enjoy this book. I don't think it'll take me long to finish it.


  1. I can tell just by looking at the cover that this book would have me in absolute tears. Though I'd still probably read it.

    Have you read the collection of dog stories by James Herriot? It's full of doggy escapades, tears and laughter too.

  2. Fellow blogger and friend Daffy sent me a copy which I really enjoyed reading, with I must say a tear or two in my eyes at times! Flighty xx

  3. I don't think I could read this...too much potential to crying!! Cx

  4. Thanks for your comments.

    Jill - I haven't read any of James Herriot's books, I must look out for them.

    Flighty - Glad you enjoyed the book too, I thought it might be up your street.

    Catherine - All the happy stories far outweigh the bad. I'm sure you'd enjoy it.