Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Beck Wood

It was a nice day on Sunday so we decided to go a little further afield to walk Archie. Travelling a few miles north on the A1, we came off at the village of Collingham to visit Beck Wood, which stands by the River Wharfe.

This is a lovely place to walk in good weather as it has a riverside path. There's also a riverside beach where you can rest at the end of your walk. The water here is the ideal place for dogs to cool off as it's nice and shallow.

It's very picturesque and well-kept, and there's also an abundance of wildlife here too.

We passed quite a few dog walkers and there were families enjoying the area too, but it was still so tranquil.

Archie's such a pest, always wanting to eat grass when he's taken on walks. Still, it's preferable to the slugs and snails he used to be partial to when he was a puppy.

The path we followed turned away from the river.

Collingham beck runs by the side of the pathway here. We saw something swimming which turned out to be a water vole.

Archie enjoyed having some new scents to sniff on this walk, and he made lots of new friends too.

On our way back to the car we stopped off at the little beach area. It wasn't a hot day but it was pleasant.

Archie finally had a paddle, he's usually eager to get in any water he comes across but he was far too interested in the other dogs and eating grass on this occasion.

Archie wasn't the only one enjoying the river, a group of friends with inflatable canoes came paddling by.

There must have been a dozen or so of them. When they reached the beach they disembarked and cooled off in the river.

It was a lovely walk and I think Archie enjoyed it too.


  1. It looks a lovely walk, Jo. It's always wonderful to see Archie! πŸΆπŸ’•

  2. That looks and sounds like a really lovely place for a walk. Good to see that you enjoyed it, especially Archie. xx

  3. What a lovely spot, perfect for dogs. Bertie likes to eat grass as well, especially in spring/early summer. And he'll have a little paddle when it's warm and the water isn't too scary.

  4. What a lovely walk and Archie had a wonderful time eating grass and enjoying plenty of good sniffs, Tilly does that too.

  5. Archie is definitely enjoying it!

  6. It looks beautiful there beneath the trees. I know someone who would enjoy a paddle there :)

  7. What a lovely place that looks, such a nice walk.
    Great pictures of Archie :)

    All the best Jan

  8. What a lovely place to walk with Archie. I'm impressed by that beautiful bridge too & the "inflatable" canoes. Thanks for sharing your walk, take care & hugs.

  9. Lovely and very refreshing too. I can just see Archie wearing a green grass wig by the end of the walk!

  10. That looks like a fantastic place for dog walking. Angus likes eating grass and bird bombings - which are sadly all over the garden. I bought a book from WH Smiths last week called - Dog walks in Lincolnshire. For each walk listed, it gave info about what to expect eg how many stiles, any cattle in the fields, any road walking and water etc.

  11. what a lovely walk, Rosie loves the woods and all the different scents.