Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman And Yesterday

Over the last eighteen months there have been three films released which I really wanted to see. I rarely go to the cinema so I've been waiting for them to be shown on Sky.

It's nearly thirty years since Freddie Mercury, the frontman of Queen, died. It's hard to believe it was that long ago, isn't it? Bohemian Rhapsody is a biographical drama about his life. This was the first of the three films to be made and the first to be shown on Sky, and I wrote about it last year in my What I'm Watching - Septmeber 2019 post. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, I thought the acting and the casting was brilliant, at times it was like I was watching Freddie himself, especially during the stage scenes, he was such a great showman and this is carried through in the film.

In the same vein, Rocketman is a biographical musical film based on the life of British musician Elton John. Again, I thought the acting was very good and the story doesn't hold back when it comes to Elton's past addictions, we see those warts and all. It was interesting how the story explored his childhood relationships and how they may have influenced the man he's become.

The most recent film to be released was Yesterday, it premiered on Sky on Easter Sunday so that's when we sat down to enjoy it. This film is different to the other two in that it's a romantic comedy. Although it features music from The Beatles, it's not about them. Jack Malik is a struggling musician who's involved in an accident, after which, he is apparently the only person who knows the music by The Beatles. He begins playing their songs claiming them as his own, but the course of true love never runs smoothly does it, and Jack must make a fundamental moral decision about his music.

I'm not a great film watcher, I often get bored half way through as I find it quite difficult to concentrate on anything for any great length of time, but each of these films held my interest. I enjoyed every bit of the first two films, Yesterday was okay but it wouldn't be one I'd go out of my way to watch again, though I did particularly enjoy the bits involving Ed Sheeran, he did make me laugh.

All three films were watched by me, Mick and Eleanor and we all agreed that we'd rate them in the order I've wrote about them here, Bohemian Rhapsody favourite, Yesterday least favourite, with Rocketman in between.


  1. I loved all 3 films, they are each well made. Yesterday surprised me as I'm not a fan of Beatles music, but it was a great plot. Hubby loves Queen so that film was always going to be seen. I love Elton John, I love his honesty about his failings, he is the same in his book, he comes over as a normal man living in a strange world of excess.

  2. It's good when there are movies on the television that you can all enjoy together, especially if it's something not long released that you had wanted to see at the cinema but didn't manage to get there. Our grandson and daughter have Netflix.
    We don't subscribe to Sky, but we have a Tivo recording box which suits us. Even though the normal channels don't offer the latest movies we always have plenty of back series in the package that are streaming so we are well able to find something to entertain us.

  3. I'd give the same ratings. Bohemian Rhapsody was brilliant and I'd watch it again without hesitation.

  4. i have watched Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocket Man and thoroughly enjoyed them both.. I can wait to watch Yesterday!!

  5. Excellent reviews, Jo. I haven't seen any of them although my husband took our grandson to see Bohemian Rhapsody when it first came to our cinemas and they loved it. Now I plan on watching all three. Thank you. P. x

  6. From your post title, I knew you were watching films. Even though I don't see new films. Even I, knew the first two!

    Interesting, how one can "know" about a lot, without actually, "viewing" certain things. -grin-

    Stay home
    Stay safe
    Stay calm

  7. Back again...

    Put on your thinking cap,
    I have a question for you tomorrow.


  8. I've watched BR at least four times (three transatlantic flights, lol) and enjoyed it every time and caught something new each time.

    I've tried to watch RocketMan twice and just couldn't get into it. I adore EJ and his work, the film just didn't grip me.

  9. My husband was given the Bohemian Rhapsody DVD as a gift and we still haven't watched it. Heard great reviews and now is the time to watch it for sure.

  10. That type of film has the bonus of the soundtrack full of those well known songs from a while ago when songs were great and full of individuality. Glad you enjoyed the films together.

  11. Glad to hear you've enjoyed watching some movies. I can't sit in front of the TV during the day & also find I lose interest too, though if I can break it into 2 halves I cope better. Take care, stay safe and huggles.

  12. I enjoyed all of these films. I think Rocketman was my favourite, just pipping BR to the post. I thought yesterday was good but I think the first two prove that truth is stranger (and more interesting) than fiction.

  13. I went to the cinema to see Bohemian Rhapsody and really enjoyed it. I haven't seen either of the other two films, I'm not a big film watcher either, like you I get bored usually before the end of the film.

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    So.... What happens AFTER??????

  15. I haven't seen any of them!

  16. I loved Bohemian Rhapsody and Yesterday. I must look out for the