Thursday 9 April 2020

Another Local Walk For Archie

Back in October, I showed you A Local Walk For Archie. At the time, I had intended to take you on more of our local walks, so as we're only allowed to exercise our dogs locally at the moment because of the coronavirus, and because the sun was shining on Sunday, I thought it was a good opportunity to take you on another of our local walks.

This is the start of the walk we went on last time, up the lane.

However, this time we're turning to our left and passing through the gap in the hedge.

The farmer hasn't planted up his field yet but it has been ploughed so we'll stick to the side and walk around the edges. If you look across the field, that's where we're heading.

Here's the entrance to the woods.

The trees are still devoid of their leaves at the moment but it's starting to green up. Buds are unfurling and there's quite a few flowers blooming on the woodland floor.


Wood Anemone.


Grape Hyacinths.

It's a little early for bluebells yet but there are a few buds...

...and even one or two flowers. Another few weeks and the woodland floor will be a riot of blue, as can be seen in my In And Out The Shady Bluebells post which I wrote nearly eight years ago.

Archie loves walking in the woods and luckily for us, we don't often meet many people whilst walking here, so social distancing isn't much of a problem when we take him here.

The woods aren't huge so we take a circular walk around them. Another field is adjacent to the return path but Archie is really spooked about this field and won't go there no matter how much we try and coax him, I don't know why.

We're lucky to have some nice dog walks on our doorstep, especially at the moment when we can't visit our usual haunts which are further afield.

As you can imagine, the woods get rather muddy during the winter months, as does the farmer's field which we have to cross to get there, so I'm pleased the weather has improved. In fact, the ground at the moment is rock hard, we haven't had very much rain lately.

This is another walk which is just the right length for Archie now he's getting older. He does love being out there and is quite sprightly until he gets back home and then he's knocked for six.

And then we're back to the farmer's field which we have to cross once again on our way home.

I hope you've enjoyed another local walk with Archie.


  1. We had a friend years ago who loved to walk, so we would all go out together with her dogs, she could always find a muddy spot, even in a heat wave. Lovely walk, our woods are a short drive away, so out of bounds for us.

  2. I did enjoy my walk with Archie. He never fails to make me smile! Stay safe out there!

  3. What a lovely walk. I'm sure Archie loves these jaunts with you.

  4. I really did enjoy your walk with Archie. Dogs know what they know. My Annie would not walk past a man crouching down one time, I think he was doing drugs, she knew, my clever little girl.

  5. Not on computer as much,
    due to *achy* back.
    But reading some posts,
    And hate to read,
    Without even a tiny comment.
    Stay safe
    Stay home

  6. That looks a lovely walk for him and you. Most enjoyable. I wonder what spooks him about that field. xx

  7. You're so luck to have such a lovely place to walk. Great photos!

  8. I've had my daily exercise with you today on your walk. Thank you.
    Have a lovely Easter weekend in the sunshine

  9. Oh I love going on walks with you and Archie!! Our daffodils are just starting to bloom. I do have chives up and ready to cut , however! It was warm two days ago and we could hear the owl when the sun went down because the porch was warm and we were outside!

  10. Lovely flowers and walking paths. Archie is so cute!πŸ’– What breed is he?

  11. A lovely walk indeed with plenty to enjoy so close to such a big city.

  12. It's a lovely walk, Jo. You must feel so fortunate to have this beautiful countryside and so many wildflowers on your doorstep. X

  13. So nice to get out on a virtual walk with you. So nice to see the wildflowers. Wow bluebells so early! Stay safe.

  14. Ooh, I enjoyed that Jo. Can't wait to see those bluebells enmasse. Hope you are still able to do the walk once they are in full bloom. Take care, stay safe and huggles.

  15. Thanks Archie for taking us along on your beautiful walk. We had another dump of snow last night, so it's lovely to see the flowers blooming where you are. Take care and stay safe. x

  16. Looks like Archie had a wonderful time. Thank you for inviting us along. Stay safe.

  17. What a lovely walk right in your doorstep. I am missing walking in the woods we don't any within walking distance but I can't complain I have other beautiful countryside instead.

  18. That is a lovely walk, even better knowing you're not meeting many

  19. Thank you for taking us on your walk with Archie. And thank you for sticking to the edge of the fields, you'd be surprised how many people don't!

  20. What a lovely walk, great to see your pictures.

    All the best Jan