Tuesday 21 August 2012

Up Up And Away

How would you fancy a flight in a balloon?

This was flying over our house on Saturday evening, it was really low at first.

It took a while to notice that there was a second balloon flying alongside, it had already gone over the rooftops.

We could see the burners being fired to make the balloons fly higher.

It wasn't long before they both drifted off way up high in the sky. Just look how blue the sky is, we haven't had many days like that this summer.

I'm not a lover of flying so there's no way I would go up in a balloon. I'll keep my feet firmly on the ground thank you.


  1. No I don't fancy a flight in one either, but you just have to watch when they go over head. Something magical about them.
    Lisa x

  2. I wouldn't go up in one either, I like my feet terra firma! Reminds me of that 1970's TV advert - showing my age - "She flies like a bird, in the sky!" Can't remember what it advertised was it Nimble bread?

  3. Good photos! I've been up in one a few times but really prefer standing on the ground watching them.
    Flighty xx

  4. Jo, we saw them too the other night! One was so low over our house we spoke to the passengers! Not something I would like to try I must admit...

  5. Beautiful last picture.
    Love from Mum

  6. I would be petrified.My friend and her husband did a balloon flight over the serengeti, I just said if they crash landed it would be like a picnic basket for the wild animals!
    Pleased to report all went well and they enjoyed it!

  7. Great pictures! My son would've been over the moon if we'd seen these fly over our house. Wasn't it a beautiful evening on Saturday? x

  8. Thank you for all your comments.

    Lisa - I stood outside watching them until they went out of sight, really relaxing.

    June - Yes, it was Nimble. Now I'm showing my age too.

    Flighty - I'm impressed. I don't know anyone who has been up in one, you must do a post about the experience.

    Sally - They were heading your way as they went over our house.

    Mum - Thank you. I took loads of photos.

    Anne - That made me laugh. Glad they're still in one piece.

    Gillian - It was a gorgeous evening. The balloonists (is that a word?) certainly picked the right time for their flight.

  9. Oh I've loved going up in a Hot Air Balloon!

    Such an adventure and perfect for a Summer's evening.

    Sft x

  10. I love watching them from the ground, Sft, but I wouldn't dare go up in one.

  11. You'd never get me up in one. I really haven't got a head (or stomach) for heights. x

  12. I'm with you there, Jill. I love watching them from the ground though.