Thursday, 30 August 2012

Unhealthy Eating

We managed to collect about one and a half pounds of bilberries at Brimham Rocks on Sunday. Eleanor wanted to bake some muffins with some of them, so I used about a pound to turn in to jam.

They're such a lovely colour when they're boiling in the pan.

Eleanor made a batch of scones so that we had something to spread the bilberry jam on. Delicious.

I shouldn't be eating bilberry jam on scones but my healthy eating regime, which I started at the start of the year, has gone right out the window since the start of the school holidays when we went to Cornwall. I ate lots of things which I shouldn't have done and I just don't seem to be able to get back on track. I'm not stressing about it, I'm sure once normality sets in again when the schools go back next week, I'll get back in the swing.


  1. Do you know, I don't think I've ever tried Bilberries. They're a fabulous colour and look like they taste delicious. Yum! x

  2. I have had a week off and can't seem to get myself in tot he healthy eating mindset again, I hopt the normal routine will start it off again!
    The jam looks delicious - I would love some on a crumpet!

  3. Those scones look delicious! I bet they tasted wonderful with the jam!

  4. Like Jill I don't think that I've ever tasted them either.
    These scones look delicious.
    A lack of plotting has meant that my trousers are now a little bit tight thanks to to many biscuits! Flighty xx

  5. My mum used to get bilberry tarts for us to eat. They were delicious but our fingers were stained after eating.
    Love from Mum

  6. I've never had bilberries before are they tart or a bit like blueberries. Once we come back from our hols I'm definitely going to cut down again - it is so easy to slip back into old habits.

  7. My Mum used to make bilberries (or winberries as we called them) into crumble. When I was a child we called the crumble 'blue string pudding' after 'The Clangers' on TV! Jx

  8. I've never heard of bilberries nor tasted them but they look very delicious.

  9. Who could resist that, it looks delish! I have never tried bilberry jam before or even heard of a bilberry, but it looks really good (as do those yummy scones!).
    Sometimes we just need a treat or two :)
    Magie x

  10. The plate of scones with the jam looks delicious, very hard to resist something so tempting.
    Like you say once the school routine kicks in it will probably be easier to get back to your healthy eating.
    Lisa x

  11. Thank you for all your comments.

    Jill - I love the colour of them, they do taste delicious.

    Faye - Eleanor eats the jam on crumpets. Delicious.

    June - They did taste delicious.

    Flighty - Oh dear, this weather has much to answer for.

    Mum - They stain your mouth too. Luckily, it doesn't last long.

    Elaine - Bilberries are quite tart and tangy, though much sweeter in jam when sugar's been added.

    Jan - It's funny what we remember from our childhoods. I think bilberries are known under a few different names.

    Victoria - They taste delicious.

    Ruth - I believe bilberries are native to Europe, but are known under a few different names.

    Magie - It's true, we do need to have treats every now and then.

    Lisa - I'm making the most of eating lots of treats at the moment, naughty I know. I shall be good once I start back on my healthy eating regime though.

  12. Hi Jo - just catching up on all my blog reading. The bilberries look amazing, as do your scones. The weight has crept onto my waistline too over the holidays, but once we return to school routines I hope it goes away... x

  13. The kids are back at school tomorrow, Gillian, so I shall be back on to healthy eating soon after.