Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Bargain Flowers

I'm managing to source lots of my flowers from the bargain bin in the local supermarket. When we returned from holiday, Mick popped out to pick up a bit of shopping whilst I started the unpacking. He came home with this lovely mixed bunch which had been reduced from £5.00 to £1.05. Of course, I love the white rose which is included in the display, I'm a Yorkshire lass through and through. They might not last quite as long as they would if I'd bought them a couple of days earlier, but I don't mind for that price.

I didn't spend very much at all on flowers in July. The Sweet Williams I posted about earlier lasted for quite a while, then I bought these Chrysanthemums which were £2.50. These lasted right up to us going on holiday.

I'm eager to see how many more bargains I can pick up in August.


  1. I'm still doing well picking flowers from our garden at the moment.Havent bought any for ages. Even picked the flower heads from our onions because they look so pretty!! (smell a bit oniony in the house though that the downside)

  2. The latest flowers look really pretty. I can't get over your bargains! Jx

  3. Good to see Mick is keeping up the side with the bargain floral purchases!
    Lisa x

  4. Hi Jo, just been catching up with your posts. I'm glad you had a lovely holiday, Cornwall looks beautiful and I want to go there one day. Archie looks as though he enjoyed his holiday, he's so cute, bless him. It's lovely that you take him with you. Love the flowers, husbands are good for some things, aren't they? Haha. Take care and lots of love xxx

  5. I like the white flowers in the first picture.
    You do well with these don't you! Flighty xx

  6. Thank you for all your lovely comments.