Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Unlimited Ice Cream

It was Mick's birthday yesterday. He was working all day so when he came home we were ready and waiting to take him straight out for a meal.

We went to a Crown Carvery pub. Mick's favourite food is traditional Sunday lunch, so the pub we went to is ideal as it does carveries for just £3.99. It's no frills, but for that price I really don't mind. There's three different meats to choose from, I had turkey and beef, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, five different vegetables, stuffing and Yorkshire puddings. You can go back for seconds and third helpings too, which Daniel took advantage of. Well, he is a growing lad.

I had printed out some vouchers which entitled us to free unlimited ice cream too. How good is that?

I think Mick enjoyed his birthday tea, as did the rest of us.


  1. A belated Happy Birthday to Mick!

  2. Happy birthday to Mick. That's so weird because it's my hubby's birthday tomorrow and we're taking him to a carvery! He doesn't know yet though. Ours if also £3.99 and very yummy but I'm not sure if we can have seconds, will have to find out. Lots of love xxx

  3. First a belated Happy Birthday to Mick.
    And you're right unlimited ice cream... what a way to celebrate!!
    Susan x

  4. Unlimited ice cream, sounds like a very good way to help the birthday celebrations along!
    Lisa x

  5. I would be stuffed to the gills just like having a turkey dinner at Thanksgiving, and ice cream too - yum!

  6. I did, just thinking about it!
    Love from Mum

  7. Now thats how to celebrate!! xxx

  8. I love those carverys! You can never have too many roast potatoes in my opinion, I have such a weakness for them. And unlimited ice cream, yum, especially when it's the soft whippy sort.

  9. It all sounds,and looks, rather delicious.
    There's always room left for ice cream isn't there especially if it's unlimited!
    Flighty xx

  10. Thank you for all your comments. I've passed on your birthday wishes to Mick, he asked me to thank you.

    Emma - A belated happy birthday to your hubby. I hope you enjoyed your carvery and you got to have seconds.

    Ruth - I was extremely full after the meal, I think I overdid it a little.

    Gillian - I have to admit that I'm not a lover of soft ice cream, but it's Eleanor's favourite.

  11. Carvery and unlimited ice cream - yum!!

    Victoria xx

  12. It was delicious, Victoria.