Saturday, 5 May 2012


Eleanor took her grade four singing exam back in March and she's just been sent her certificate. To gain a distinction she needed to gain at least 87 marks out of 100, so with a score of 93 she was well within this.

The exam is split in to six parts, marks being given for each one. There are three songs, a vaccai voice exercise which is a short song in Italian, an aural test and musical knowledge. The first song Eleanor performed was Scarborough Fair and she gained full marks for this. There was only one mark dropped on each of the other two songs, Feed The Birds and I Don't Know How To Love Him. She's really enjoying learing to sing in Italian for her vaccai exercises, only one mark was dropped on this. She got full marks for her aural test but dropped four marks on her musical knowledge. It was only one small slip which she made, but at least it didn't cost her a distinction.

As you can see, she got some lovely comments from the examiner.

She's already started work on her grade five pieces, I hope she does just as well with that.


  1. You must be so proud of her doing so well.

    She clearly loves singing.

    Sft x

  2. How wonderful! Coming from a family of singers, I love to see anyone who enjoys singing and works at doing it well. The comments on her rating sheet are great-I know you are proud of her and rightly so!

  3. Congratulations, Eleanor. Well deserved.
    Love from Mum

  4. Brilliant report! I can tell you are a very proud mum.X

  5. Many congratulations to Eleanor, how fantastic to have a singer in the family, you must be such proud parents. xx

  6. Well done Eleanor, good luck with your preparation for this next one.
    Another proud mum moment!
    Lisa x

  7. What a star - you must be so proud x

  8. Wow!! You must be so proud! Well done Eleanor - its a beautiful gift to be able to sing. x

  9. Well done Eleanor!

    Karen x

  10. Eleanor has asked me to thank everyone for their lovely comments. Yes, we're really very proud of her.

  11. Weel Done Eleanor! Fantastic score, she must have worked so hard as well as being very talented!
    Yes you must all be so proud!
    Gill xx

  12. Thanks, Gill. She enjoys her singing so much that it doesn't seem to her like she's putting in lots of work. I often have to tell her to stop now.