Sunday, 20 May 2012

Ladies Who Lunch

I always used to have a sandwich for my lunch, and I wasn't very adventurous when it came to the fillings either. Since January when I embarked on my healthy eating plan, I haven't eaten one sandwich at lunch time. Instead, I've been eating a variety of things, most of which are already in the cupboard or fridge, and it's made a real change.

I love tuna and sweetcorn mixed together. If I wasn't trying to lose weight, I would have added mayonaise, but to be honest it really doesn't need it, it's just adding extra calories. A little salad added to the plate made it a tasty lunch.

When I think about trying to lose weight, I imagine living on a diet of crispbreads. This really doesn't have to be the case, though I've found that crispbreads can be rather tasty. I eat the dark rye variety and they taste really good. I usually have three for lunch which are topped with cream cheese. I use The Laughing Cow Light triangles, and there's enough in two to spread on three crispbreads. There are only twenty five calories in each triangle, and again, I add some salad to the plate.

I love eggs so I sometimes have scrambled egg on toast. I don't butter the toast but have it dry and I find that one egg is enough to eat with two slices of toast. I hate sloppy scrambled egg so I always make sure that mine is really well done, though sometimes I change the scrambled egg for a poached egg, but I then make sure that the yolk is lovely and runny. Yum.

We're not really a soup eating family, so I don't make my own soups but I do love Heinz Cream Of Tomato Soup. Half a tin is filling enough when eaten with a slice of dry bread, and it's a lovely warming lunch for the cold days we've been experiencing.

A really filling lunch is jacket potatoes with baked beans and salad. I usually have this if I'm going to be having a not so filling dinner.

I'm sure you'll agree that my lunch repertoire has greatly improved. Not only that but my sandwich was usually consumed on the go, or perched on the sofa in between doing a hundred and one other things. Nowadays. time is put aside for lunch and I eat it sat at the table, it really makes a difference and I feel like I've eaten a proper meal which makes me avoid snacking throughout the afternoon.

I've now lost two stones and six pounds, or thirty four pounds, so I must be doing something right.


  1. Hi Jo. Thank you for your kind comments on my last post and major CONGRATULTIONS on your fantastic weight loss. I completely agree that interesting lunches can stop late afternoon snacking. I like to take cold couscous salads to work - when I can get myself organised! All the best, JX

  2. Well done that woman! I have lost 2 stone and can second what you say. I am following Slimming World and find their recipes so filling and rewarding! Infact - - its S week this week in ABC Wednesday - I have an idea!

  3. I could eat scrambled or poached egg every day, love eggs!
    Your lunches look very appealing.
    Well done on the weight loss, you are doing so well.
    Lisa x

  4. I'm not usually very adventurous at lunchtimes either despite having a staff restaurant to choose from but like you know I'm trying to lose weight/eat healthier I'm finding I'm eating nicer/better things!

    Victoria xx

  5. Well done on the weight loss Jo. I try to vary our lunches as J likes to come home for lunch each day.I find it's cheaper than sandwiches too.I love Laughing Cow cheese spread and haven't had it for ages - I may have to buy some next week!

  6. What delicious lunches. Will we have a post on your evening meals next? I need help in shedding those pounds.
    Love from Mum

  7. Hi Jo. Brilliant weight loss and you are an inspiration. I need to get back to healthy eating as soon as I can, my clothes feel uncomfortable and I am the heaviest I have ever been barring having my second son,(and that was only half a stone more at full term to what I weigh now). You have given me some good ideas too, I do find lunches the worst thing to come up with for healthy eating.

  8. Well done! All those lunch time meals look delicious. Flighty xx

  9. Wow thats an amazing weight loss, well done! I've made a huge effort to cut out sweets and I've lost half a stone but I've come to a standstill now [cakes are too appealing to ignore lol]
    Well done
    Helen x

    PS Your lunches are making me hungry now :]

  10. It takes real talent to photograph food. You did a very good job of it. It never looks very good when I try it. I love laughing cow and rye crisps. They make a nice snack.

  11. Hi Jo. Well done on the fab weight loss. Your lunches look lovely. Try tuna with some chopped onion mixed in, it's lovely.

    Karen x

  12. Thank you for all your lovely comments.

    Jan - I think you do need to be organised when you're working. It's made it much easier for me being at home during the day.

    Denise - Congratulations on your weight loss. I shall watch out for your ABC Wednesday post.

    Lisa - Thank you. I love eggs cooked any way, I wish the rest of the family were as keen.

    Victoria - I think you can get in to the habit of eating the same boring things every day, like I did. When you're trying to lose weight or eat healthier it makes you look at food differently and eat different things.

    Scarlet - I think I'd be more adventurous if I were having lunch with someone else too. It's so easy to make do when you're eating alone.

    Mum - All I've done with my evening meals is cut down on portion size, and cut out roast potatoes and chips. I'll get round to doing a post about it soon.

    Anne - I feel so much better where clothes are concerned. I was having to buy larger sizes and even they were getting tight. I'm now back in clothes which I wore before the weight gain.

    Flighty - Thank you. I'm enjoying eating different things at lunch time.

    Helen - I agree, there's too many tempting things out there. Half a stone is a good loss, well done.

    Ruth - Thank you for your lovely comment, though I can't take credit for the photos. I always have my camera set to automatic and don't use any editing software, so it's all down to the camera.

    Karen - I've never tried tuna with onion, though I love both so I shall definitely try it.

  13. Your photos of the food look great, I'm hungry now. I think I might try the jacket potatoes with baked beans, two of my favorite foods together. Thanks for this post, and congrats on the weight loss.

  14. Thanks, Paulette. I also like some grated cheese on top of the beans, but not when I'm trying to lose weight. Try it, it's delicious.