Monday, 28 May 2012

One More To Go

This is the penultimate square for my granny square blanket, there's only one more left to make after this one and then I can start putting it all together.

I started making these squares about a year ago, not long after I learnt to crochet. I know it's taken a long time but I've been knitting in between and I've taken it in my own time.

I now have to decide how I'm going to assemble it. I think I shall choose to crochet it together, it seems an easier option than sewing, for me anyway.

Let's hope it doesn't take me another year to put it all together.


  1. You may have taken your time but it's a project you've been able to enjoy doing rather than pressure to complete it in a set time!

    Can't wait to see the final result.

    Victoria xxx

  2. As long as you've enjoyed doing it then it doesn't matter how long it takes to do, well that's my opinion anyway!
    Looking forward to seeing the end result though!
    Lisa x

  3. Such pretty colours. I'm looking forward to seeing it all put together. I have an embroidered cushion cover that I'm taking my time with.

  4. I can't wait to see how your blanket is going to turn out, I love the colors.
    Recently I made some dining room chair cushion covers out of denim grannies that I had cut from old jeans. I added a little crocheted granny square in the middle of the cushion in a pumpkin color to break the monotony. The end result was charming, shabby chici'sh.
    I also made a pouch out of a big yellow and white granny square for my Tracfone LG500G smart phone so that I didn't get my touch screen scratched. I cut out a little yellow duck with an orange beek out of felt to sew on the pouch. Easy peasy for the kids to make in a weekend.

  5. You've been busy! I love the colours and look forward to seeing the finished project! Jx

  6. It will be a heirloom! Love it xxxxs

  7. Hi Jo, I think you have done really well.It doesnt matter how long it took the main thing is you enjoyed doing it. You have a lot of other things going on in your life too so things sometimes do take a long time but it will all have been worth it when they make up your lovely blanket.

  8. My daughter and now my granddaughter had/has a child size blanket made with granny squares. It was my daughters and now my granddaughters favorite blanket. They carried/carry that blanket everywhere, so I love granny square blankes. Someone will adore your blanket made by you with such love..

  9. Thank you for all your lovely comments.

    I've finished all the squares now so I've started to crochet them all together, I think it may take some time.