Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Musical Weekend

This weekend has been jam packed with music. First of all, on Friday night we went to see Eleanor and her drama group perform in High School Musical 2. The show was staged at the local secondary school, which has recently been refurbished. The hall now has seats which pull down from the wall in to a tiered arrangement, and with a proper stage it's just like being in a theatre.

She was supposed to be performing in the show on Saturday night too, but a few weeks ago we had a phone call from her singing teacher. The organisers of the musical festival which Eleanor performed in in March had asked if she would sing at their winner's concert. What a good job our High School Musical 2 tickets were for Friday night and not Saturday.

Eleanor didn't have a main part in High School Musical 2, so we spoke to the director who agreed that she should perform in the concert on Saturday, though she realised that she'd made a commitment to her drama group and wouldn't have taken part in the winner's concert if there'd been any problem in her dropping out of High School Musical 2.

The winner's concert, or Festival Showcase, featured not only singers but lots of different kinds of musicians. There were violinists, a pianist, a string quartet, tenor horn and even a harp, as well as a folk singer and choirs. Eleanor had been asked to perform one of the songs she had sung at the festival in March, so she chose Feed The Birds, but in the programme it showed that she was to sing both songs which she had performed. Unfortunately, her accompanist had only brought the music for Feed The Birds so that's what she performed.

There were lots of people there, probably more than she's ever performed to before, but she was a star, it didn't faze her in the least.

Eleanor's next performances will be with school. She's practicing at the moment with her music class for a concert celebrating the Diamond Jubilee, and with her after school singing group for a performance in the local arts festival. It's all go.


  1. Sounds like you definitely have a star in the making!

    Victoria xxx

  2. How wonderful for Eleanor, you must be such proud parents. xx

  3. Eleanor sounds like she's having the time of her life.

    Sft x

  4. My friends daughters were in the same production I think! What a coincidence...
    Well done to Eleanor x

  5. You must have been humming "high school music....." since then! Such a great show and catchy tunes x

  6. How exciting for Eleanor to have been asked to perform in the second concert. It was a good thing you had tickets for Friday's show!
    S has just got into the HSM movies!
    Lisa x

  7. Eleanor's doing really well - you must be extremely proud of her. Do you think she is planning to take her Music seriously Post-16? All the best, Jx

  8. Thank you for all your comments.

    Sally - I think there were only one lot of sisters in the production, so I probably know who they are. It is a small world.

    Lisa - We were thrilled that Eleanor had been chosen to perform in the Festival Showcase as it's by invitation only. Not all the winners get chosen. I think all little girls enjoy High School Musical, there was a little one sat in front of us who was in the full cheerleading outfit, complete with pom poms to wave.

    Jan - I'm sure that Eleanor will want to continue with her music post 16, though I don't really know in what capacity.