Tuesday 21 February 2012

A Winter Walk

As I mentioned in my last post, it was Daniel's birthday on Sunday. It was a cold but sunny day, so we decided to go out for a walk to build up an appetite for our meal out.

We're so lucky that we have both Temple Newsam and Lotherton Hall close to where we live and we visit both of these places often. This time, we chose Temple Newsam which I've blogged about before.

We weren't the only family enjoying the sunny day, the car park was jam packed. We had a walk around the grounds before heading for the walled garden. There wasn't very much to see at this time of year, but Temple Newsam holds five national collections so I'll go back later in the year to see those.

We passed over little wooden bridges which had waterfalls trickling down the sides.

Children were feeding the swans and ducks which were swimming on the lake. We don't get too close otherwise Archie will jump in.

Temple Newsam has a beautiful Rhododendron Walk which is down by the lakes. I noticed how the buds were swelling ready to bloom, they look amazing when in flower.

After our walk, we headed off to Frankie and Benny's, Daniel's choice seeing as it was his birthday.


  1. Your photos are lovely. I think it's finally starting to feel like spring! All the best, JX

  2. It's a lovely place. Is it true that Lotherton have introduced charges to enter the gardens? I used to buy a season ticket for the car park as it's near me, and walk the dog there. I won't be going if I have to pay to walk round the grounds tho'. Shame if they have, it being a Council attraction and all!
    Glad you had a nice sunny walk!

  3. It looks lovely there, I honestly dont know if I have ever been.Lotherton hall is one of my favourite places though, beautiful gardens and I love the little cafe and gift shop.

  4. Its a lovely place and it was a great day for a walk. Lovely pictures

  5. Most enjoyable by the look and sound of it! Flighty xx

  6. Looks lovely! I wan tto do somethign nice this weekend so this post has inspired me to think of somewhere!!

  7. Thank you for all your lovely comments.

    Jan - It's lovely to see all the buds, it's only a matter of time before they open now and everything comes back to life.

    Sally - It is true about the charges at Lotherton. It's now £5 for an adult, £2.50 for a child, or £15 for a family. You pay for entry to the whole estate now including the house. I bought a family season ticket last year for £15. It doesn't run out until the end of April and they told me they would honour it. Cheeky things, how could they not honour it when they sold it to me as an annual season ticket? There was no mention of the new pricing policy at the time. A family season ticket is now £40, I think we'll be having more days out at Temple Newsam from now on, it's free admission as well as being free to park.

    Anne - You must have a trip to Temple Newsam when the rhododendrons are in flower, they're stunning.

    Diane - I'm so lucky to have it on my doorstep, it's always nice to go there for a walk.

    Flighty - It was very enjoyable indeed, just so long as we kept in the sun, it was very cold in the shade.

    Kelly - I'll look forward to hearing about your weekend. I hope you find somewhere nice to go.

  8. Such a lovely destination close to home. Lovely in the sun too! Hope we see more this weekend.
    Lisa x

  9. It's so nice to have such lovely places close to home, Lisa.