Sunday, 12 February 2012

I'm It

I've been tagged by Sft over at Sft's Travel, Mortgage Freedom, 101 And Life Goals. Thank you, Sft, I shall try to answer the questions you have asked.

First of all I should post the rules.

1. Post these rules.
2. Answer the 11 questions from the person who tagged you.
3. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag.
4. Tag 11 people and link them to your post.
5. Let them know that you tagged them.

These are the questions which Sft set:-

1. Where is your favourite place in the world? Tell us why?

My favourite place in the world is the Yorkshire Dales. It holds many happy memories for me right back to my childhood when I was taken there on family outings, and I hope that it will hold many happy memories for my own children as we often take day trips there. I especially love the area around Bolton Abbey, Burnsall and Appletreewick. I'm not quite as wide travelled as Sft, but I've been to many countries in Europe, the USA and a few Carribean islands, but I've yet to find anywhere with such wonderful views, and I'm lucky enough to be within driving distance of it. The picture is me with my dad at Appletreewick in the early 1970's.

2. What person has inspired you most?

I think the person who has inspired me most has been my mum. She's quite literally the best mum in the world and if I'm half as good at being a mum as she is, then I'll be very happy.

3. Who would be your favourite 3 dinner guests?

David Attenborough. It would be fascinating listening to all his experiences with wildlife.
Brad Pitt. Got to have something gorgeous to look at through dinner.
Alan Partridge. Would keep me in stitches.

4. What makes you contented and happy?

I'm contented and happy if my family are contented and happy.

5. City, coast or country?

I live on the outskirts of a city and love all that city life has to offer, though I do love my holidays on the coast. I have many happy memories of the seaside, both as a child and an adult. Then again, there's nothing quite like getting away from it all in the Yorkshire Dales. So hard to choose, but I'd have to say that I quite like where I am right now as I've got the best of all three, a short journey away from the city, coast or country.

6. What are you dreaming of right now?

I'm dreaming of my holiday in Cornwall. We're going to the same lodges where we stayed last year and I can't wait. Only five months to go. Can you see Archie looking through the glass in the door?

7. What is your best read?

To Kill A Mockingbird. It's a book which I read for my English Literature O level and I've remembered it ever since.

8. What makes a perfect night in?

I like nothing better than a night in with the family, a take away and something good to watch.

9. What was your favourite subject at school?

My favourite subject at school was Maths. I liked the more academic subjects and couldn't wait to drop everything like Art, Drama and Music. Daniel is exactly the same as I am, chose all academic subjects for his GCSE's, but Eleanor is the exact opposite. She's taken Drama, Music and Textiles amongst her options.

10. Describe your most cherished photograph.

I have more than one cherished photograph, they are the ones which my sister is in. My sister died twelve years ago at the age of 42. She was my best friend as well as my sister and I miss her every day.

11. What impulse paid off?

I think that has to be my engagement to Mick. We decided to get married only four months after meeting, I think that counts as impulsive. Notice how I didn't say I was proposed to? That's because I wasn't. Mick just decided that we would get married and that was that. It will be our 22nd wedding anniversary in July and we're still very happy together.

The people I'm tagging are:-

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The questions I'd like you to answer are:-

1. What is your earliest memory?

2. Who would you hate to be stuck in a lift with and why?

3. What is your favourite food?

4. What was the first record you bought?

5. What's the first thing you do when you get out of bed?

6. What was your first job?

7. Who is your favourite author?

8. If you could go anywhere in the world on holiday, where would it be?

9. Do you have a party trick?

10. Will you be watching the 2012 olympics?

11. Do you have any bad habits?

This is just a bit of fun, but it can be time consuming answering the questions and linking to blogs you've tagged so please don't feel under any pressure to carry this on if you don't wish to do so.


  1. Great post, looking forward to reading others posts too!

  2. Thanks for tagging me! I'm sitting on the sofa at the moment feeling sorry for myself, I've got tonsillitis, ugh! So I'll just answer the questions on here if that's ok. I loved reading yours, thanks for sharing.

    1. I think my first memories are of being on holiday in Bridlington when I was a toddler. Happy days!

    2. I would hate to be stuck in a lift with anybody. I got stuck in a lift at Prestos in York with my Dad, when I was a child. I now have lift phobia and would much rather take the stairs. :D

    3. Ooh food, that's a hard one. Mushroom risotto or Tony's paella, lovely! And chocolate in all it's guises.

    4. The first record I bought was Dub be good to me by Beats International. Woot woot!!!

    5. The first thing I do when I get out of bed on a morning is have a snuggle on the sofa with Leon my youngest son. This is usually at about 5am.

    6.My first job was as a trainee hairdresser, lasted 4wks. lol

    7. Roald Dahl has always and will always be my favourite author. I still have all of my childhood books. I saved them to share with my children.

    8. I would love to go to India one day.

    9. I can touch my nose with my tongue! :)

    10. I'm really looking forward to watching the Olympics.

    11. I'm a very untidy person and have a habit of leaving clothes on the floor where I took them off, and leaving my dressing table in a mess. The rest of the house is ok but that's because I have to force myself to do the house work.


  3. Thanks for joining in the fun Jo, it was lovely getting to know more about you.

    Such special memories xxx

    Sft x

  4. Thank you Jo! Some interesting questions!!!! Love Jx

  5. Hi Jo, you gave some really good answers! I love north yorkshire too, we are going to Burnsall in a few weeks for a weekend away, something to look forward to.

  6. I always enjoy reading posts like these!
    I see that you've tagged me! I'm happy to do a post but I usually drag my feet with these and don't tag others in turn! Flighty xx

  7. Thanks for the tag and I'll join in once I get this week over with!

    Victoria xx

  8. Very interesting reading. Love your answers. Many thanks for nominating me - i'll try and do mine this

  9. Hi Jo, it's great to know you a little better, I'm enviously eyeing up that gorgeous lodge you'll be staying in for your holidays, looks pretty lush.........thanks for your lovely comment.

    lily xx

  10. Thanks for all your lovely comments.

    Rachel - Thanks for joining in. Hope you're feeling much better now, Tonsillitis is no fun.

    Anne - Enjoy your time in Burnsall, I love it around that area.

    Flighty - No problem. Do with it what you will.

    Lily - The lodge is lovely, and the grounds it's in are fabulous. It's only a small complex, ten lodges and two cottages, but there's an indoor swimming pool, games room, fishing lakes, and you can book beauty treatments too. We can take Archie as dogs are welcome, and it's not far from the North Devon coast so ideal.

  11. Oops, meant Cornwall, not Devon.