Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A Riot Of Colour

My garden should be full of colour this year thanks to Anne at Marmalade and Catmint. I was lucky enough to win her giveaway and these four packets of seeds were the prize.

There were actually two prizes, hot colour seeds or pastel shades seeds. I found it quite hard to choose as I do like pastels as well as hot colours, but the hot colours won in the end.

I've had a go at creating a cutting patch at the allotment for the last two years, but it hasn't really worked out. I've ended up giving more attention to the vegetables and the flowers have suffered, but I'm going to give it another go this year. I don't like to cut flowers from the garden for the house, but I don't mind if they're at the allotment, so I really need to give the flowers at the allotment more attention this year.

Many thanks, Anne, I'm looking forward to starting the seeds off and having lots of colour in the garden this year.


  1. They'll be lovely. I have a large cutting patch at the allotment which I really love- and it attracts the bees to pollinate things.

  2. They will look great! A cutting patch is a great idea and would save loads of money! I'm not a gardener but my friend is and he alway grows irises to cut, he said they are easy!

  3. What a great way of getting cut flowers in the house through the summer. I think I may try it this year. Thanks for inspiring me... Jx

  4. Well done Jo. Seems so far away...the vision of blooming flowers of any colour.

  5. Lovely collection of seeds - its so nice to look at them and dream at this time of year,planing where you'll put them.
    Have never grown chinese lanterns before - be interested to see how they grow for you.

    Gill xx

  6. That's a lovely giveaway prize Jo!

    Love Dahlias.

    I remember seeing hundreds, infact only Dahlias growing in Bulgaria.

    Sft x

  7. Good for you as I'm all for flower power on allotments!
    That's a great selection of seeds which should provide plenty of colour through the summer.
    I'm hoping to spend more time on the plot flowers this year as well. Flighty xx

  8. Thank you for your comments.

    Scarlet - I really must get my cutting patch going this year, it will save me money on cut flowers, which I've vowed to have more of this year.

    Kelly - I love Irises. My grandma always used to grow them so they remind me of her.

    Jan - I'm going to grow the flowers that I really like for the house. You can't always find exactly what you want in the shops.

    Lorna - You're right. It's raining here at the moment but we're forecast snow again for tonight.

    Gill - I'm looking forward to having a go at Chinese lanterns, I've never grown them before either but they're a lovely flower and so good for decorations.

    Sft - Dahlia's are a popular allotment flower. There's so many varieties that everyone must like at least one.

    Flighty - It's a lovely range of flowers, I'm looking forward to growing them.