Friday 25 March 2011

Music Festival

This afternoon, Eleanor took part in a local music festival. Last year she came first in the under 11 solo class, however, as she is now 12 she had to choose a different class to compete in.

She decided to enter the Girls' and Boys' Solo - 14 years and under in which she sang The Owls by Peter Jenkyns, and the Junior Show class - 18 years and under in which she sang In My Own Little Corner by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

The other competitors were aged towards the top end of the scale, so she did really well to come third in the Girls' and Boys' Solo and second in the Junior Show class.

The music festival runs over three days and includes a full programme of competitive classes from singing, through to piano, strings, brass and woodwind.

Fingers crossed for a trophy next year.


  1. Wow, that is really impressive! Well done Eleanor.

    On the cost of travelling by train, we got a really good deal by booking 12 weeks in advance, our tickets were £49 return for both of us which I didn't think was too bad. You're right though, generally train travel is stupidly expensive these days.

  2. Wel done to Eleanor!!! My boy did a poetry reading today in 'shine week' at his school....lovely when they do well isn't it. I can well understand you being upset about your mum throwing that stuff is such a shame. My mum has loads of old patterns and she is under strict instructions to contact me first if she ever has the urge to throw them away!!!! xx

  3. Many congarts to your daughter, she must be so pleased with herslef for doing so well.
    Lisa x

  4. You must be a really proud mum at the moment. My youngest sang in the school choir and I loved to watch her sing but nearly always had a tear in my eye x

  5. Hi Jo, hearty congrats to your daughter, I'd be so proud! It's been lovely poking around your blog. Your Archie is adorable and your knitting just beautiful. After crocheting almost exclusively for months, I'm feeling the itch to pick up my knitting needles. Your socks are great and one day I'm going to attempt my first pair! Have a lovely weekend :-) Josie
    P.S. Hopefully you'll like James Stewart as much as I do! If so, don't miss Shop Around the Corner, The Philadelphia Story and Vertigo. xxJ

  6. Eleanor has asked me to thank everyone for their congratulations, you have all made her day.

    Laura - You got a great deal on the train fare. I'll have to watch out for similar deals if I can book something in advance.

    Karen - I usually have a tear in my eye when she's singing with others but I'm always more nervous when she's singing alone, my heart pounds for her yet she doesn't show any nerves at all.

    Josie - Thank you for visiting. I always assumed socks to be much harder than they actually are, definitely give them a go. I've started off with an easy sock pattern but I'd like to move on to something patterned soon. I'll be sure to watch out for those other films you've mentioned.