Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Back To My Knitting

I was only saying last week that I haven't been ill since leaving work last March. There always seemed to be something going round the office and I always seemed to catch it, so it's been nice to feel healthy for a change. I think I spoke too soon though as I've had a stomach bug for the last couple of days which really knocked me off my feet. I thought I was coming down with flu at first as I was aching from head to toe but then the stomach pains started. I'm feeling much better today, though still a little weak from not eating.

I was feeling so off colour that I haven't even picked my knitting up since the weekend, though I managed to finish my socks before I took to my sick bed.

I don't particularly like this colour when knitted up. I don't mind pink but I think these are just a little too pink for my liking. In between knitting these socks I have been knitting some other things which I can't show on my blog as they are for Christmas presents, I know, I've started early but I have to if I want to get everything I've got planned finished in time for Christmas.

I've started another pair of socks, these are for my dad for Christmas. I love the colour of these, my dad wears a lot of brown so they will be perfect. I'm using Regia World Circus Color for the first time and it's lovely and soft. I can definitely see me using it again.

I think I'll get back to my knitting tonight now I'm feeling better.


  1. I love the socks, very funky.
    Sorry to hear you've been feeling so yucky, hope you feel tip top again soon.
    Lisa x

  2. My youngest daughter is a pink freak, the pink socks would be right up her street. I think they look great. Hope your feeling a lot better after your stomach bug.
    Karen x

  3. Theres something nasty flying round. The socks are great - I love the ones for your dad. x

  4. Oh no sorry to hear you've been poorly, glad you're feeling better though. I love those stripy socks! :)

  5. Sorry to hear you've been unwell, there's def a sick bug doing the rounds as both my parents have been unwell,

    Hope you're feeling better for the weekend

    Victoria xx

  6. Thanks, everyone. I'm feeling much better now.