Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Golden Wedding Hamper

Back in January, I did a post about a hamper which I was putting together as a present for Mick's auntie and uncle for their Golden Wedding Anniversary. I wanted all the items in the hamper to have the word gold or golden in their title. I covered a cardboard box with gold paper and covered the whole thing in cellophane once it had been assembled.

The anniversary in question was last week, but the happy couple were on a Carribean cruise celebrating, so we gave them the hamper on their return yesterday.

So, what's in the box? We have:-

  • GOLD Label Tea

  • GOLD Coffee

  • Lyle's GOLDEN Syrup Cake

  • Thatchers GOLD Somerset Cider

  • Dole Tropical GOLD Pineapple Slices

  • Premier GOLD Mango Slices

  • Starbucks GOLD Coins

  • Pek GOLD Pork

  • McDougalls Whole GOLD Premium Flour

  • Haribo GOLD Bears

  • GOLDEN Wonder Crisps

  • Terry's All GOLD Chocolates

  • Badger GOLDEN Champion Ale

  • GOLDEN Nuggets

  • GOLD Biscuits x 2

  • GOLDEN Vegetable Savoury Rice

  • Fox's GOLDEN Crunch Creams

  • Micro Oats GOLDEN Syrup

  • GOLDEN Shredless Marmalade

  • Lyle's GOLDEN Syrup

  • Oba GOLD Macaroni

  • Milk Chocolate GOLD Coins

  • GOLD Baking Cases

  • Tagetes GOLDEN Gem

  • Courgette GOLD Rush

Phew, I don't know how I managed to pack it all in the box, some things got pushed underneath or behind others, and it was very heavy.

They were over the moon with the present and I'm sure they were pleased that it was something which we'd obviously put a lot of thought in to. It's been quite fun looking out for things with gold in the title whilst I've been doing my shopping, I'm thinking of the next event I can do something similar for now.

As an aside, I've had so many problems getting this post to publish without bunching all the paragraphs in to one. I've never had any problems like this before, and I don't know until I publish the post whether it will be set out correctly or not, so if not, I apologise.


  1. Hi Jo...the post looks fine. What a wonderful present...really, really fantastic! No wonder they were thrilled. You may have started something.... xx

  2. It looks like just the perfect gift!

    Victoria xx

  3. Hi Jo

    What a fabulous gift. As Andrea says, you could have started something. The opportunities are endless.


  4. Great idea for a golden wedding. xxxxx

  5. A really brilliant idea, well done you for finding so many items.
    Lisa x

  6. What a thoughtful gift, which I'm sure was much appreciated! Flighty xx

  7. That's a great hamper Jo. I love making hampers. Make some nearly every christmas and they are always received well x

  8. That's a great present, presents that have been thought about are always the best ones.

    I was having the same problems with paragraphs yesterday, no idea why. Today I got out my meagre HTML skills and used the code for new paragraph in the HTML version of the post composer but and that worked but was a bit annoying.

  9. Thanks, everyone. I had a lot of fun putting the hamper all together.

  10. I did one for a silver wedding now I have a golden one to do. Think more golden things than there was silver

    1. I can imagine that a silver hamper would be much harder to do than gold. Hope you find enough gold things in the shops.