Thursday 16 September 2010

Singing Sensation

Eleanor has just received her certificate for the singing exam she took this year. This is her grade two exam and, just like her grade one, she was awarded a distinction, the highest grade. She had to sing three songs accompanied by a pianist and one song without accompaniment, as well as some theory work.

This year she entered the local music festival and came first in the under twelve soloist category. She was thrilled to bits to be awarded a trophy for the year which will bear her name against the year she held it. As you can see, it needs a polish already.

I don't know where she gets her singing voice from, it's certainly not me as I'm tone deaf.


  1. Oh well done Eleanor on both scores, pardon the pun! Singing a solo can be very daunting.

    I'm a member of a choir. I love singing - something that has stayed with me since school.


  2. How wonderful, well done to your daughter!

  3. Well done Eleanor!! What an achievement - you must be so proud!!

  4. Thanks, everyone. Eleanor was really chuffed to read your comments.

  5. Well done to your daughter!!! Singing is to my mind the most exposed of all performances, because it all comes directly from within. No 'hiding' behind an instrument. My daughter sings and plays the violin and clarsach, so I know that she feels singing is something different to performing on her two instruments.

  6. That's true, Linda. Eleanor loves to perform and doesn't seem to have any nerves when singing in front of people, I hope that continues as I know that nerves can creep in with age.