Thursday 9 September 2010

Cricket Star

Last week was Daniel's presentation evening at his cricket club. He plays for an under 15 team and also plays for the seniors in their B team. He shares the captaincy of the under 15 team and this is a position he's enjoyed.

The team weren't very successful losing many of their matches, but they have learned lots and will hopefully have a better season next year.

Each of the team members were presented with a medal and Daniel won the trophy for best bowler as he took the most wickets during the season.

Mick has also started playing cricket again this year, something he hasn't done since before we met twenty three years ago. I've told him that he's too old to play now but he's having none of it. He plays in the B team and enjoys playing along side Daniel.


  1. Well done Daniel, and to Mick for taking up the game again! It never was my sport but my mum loved watching it. Flighty

  2. My mum also enjoys cricket, Flighty. I can't say it's my sport either but I'm getting a bit more in to it now that I sometimes watch Mick and Daniel play.