Tuesday 29 March 2022

Worsbrough Mill And Country Park

The Saturday before last, we decided to cross the border into South Yorkshire and visit Worsbrough Mill and Country Park. 

The mill is a 17th century working water mill set in 240 acres of parkland.

The first recording of the mill is in the Domesday book of 1086, though the oldest part of the mill still standing today dates from about 1625. This is the part which houses the waterwheel.

You're able to go inside and see all the workings and there's great information boards which tell you about the process.

Water power comes from the River Dove. The mill now produces a range of premium quality organic flours and associated products for trade and retail customers. There's a new shop on the site where flour and gifts can be purchased.

We were lucky with the weather when we visited, beautiful blue skies and just look at the blossom waiting to burst.

It seemed the world and his wife were outdoors enjoying the sunshine but, as the country park is so large, we had plenty of space to ourselves.

We took a walk along the side of the reservoir. As you can see, it was rather muddy. We passed a few dog walkers but it was so tranquil with only the sound of birdsong breaking the silence.

Worsbrough Reservoir was built in 1804 to supply water to the new Worsbrough spur of the Dearne and Dove canal.

I'm not sure if you can walk the whole way round the reservoir, I'm sure you can, but we doubled back on ourselves as it would have been much too far for Archie's little legs. He doesn't walk very far these days before he gets tired.

The reservoir is now home to many different species of insects, mammals, birds and flowers.

We stood for a while watching a cormorant, he was diving for fish but I was much too slow to get a photo, so I'll leave you with this photo of a juvenile swan instead.

It was a lovely way to pass a couple of hours on a sunny day.


  1. What a lovely place to visit, your photos are beautiful, it does looks so quiet and tranquil. It's amazing to think how old that mill is and to think that it's still working today wow. xx

  2. We have a few working mills locally and another now used to spin silk, they are really interesting.

  3. It looks a lovely place to visit on such a beautiful day. How fantastic that the mill is still working and in use. I love to see birds on the water and especially love to see swans.

  4. How exciting to see swans 'in the wild'!

  5. I so enjoy taking a peak inside old buildings - the older the better. Looks like you had a lovely day.

  6. What an interesting post. I love the old water mill. There is one not far from here that can be toured but is no longer a real working mill.

    Beautiful water features and fowl. xo Diana

  7. Sounds like a lovely place to spend some time. We are so lucky to have so many interesting places on our doorstep aren't we.

  8. Another lovely day for your day out, Jo. :o)

  9. Such a lovely place to visit.
    I especially like your photograph of the Juvenile Swan.

    All the best Jan

  10. The daffodils in the grain sack look so pretty.

    That would definitely be a place that would interest me. Did you buy any of their grain?

    1. We did buy some flour, we couldn't resist. I got some to make bread, which I haven't used yet, and I got some self-raising flour for Eleanor as she does a lot of cake baking. She's tried it and the cakes came out perfect and very tasty.

  11. That looks a wonderful walk with lots to see. Haven't we been lucky to see the blossom look so beautiful this year without all the wind and rain.I love watching the power of waterwheel.

  12. That looks a fabulous place to visit Jo, thank you for sharing your photos. Love little Archie, I'm glad he still enjoys a walk out albeit not as far.
    Take care. Cathy x

  13. How lovely, thank you for the tour, really glad you enjoyed the weather and your week break xcx

  14. A most enjoyable post, and lovely pictures. xx

  15. How I love a mill! The reservoir views and the birds are just lovely. What a difference a blue sky makes. xxx

  16. Thanks for sharing your day out. The mill sounds very interesting and lovely seeing the birds too. Take care and hugs.

  17. What a lovely walk for you, peaceful and beautiful. Sounds as though crossing then 'border' was very pleasant.