Wednesday 18 March 2020

Looking For Colour

It was a mild day on Sunday, there wasn't a lot of sunshine but it was fair so we took advantage of a break from the wind and rain and took Archie for a walk at Temple Newsam.

There were swathes of daffodils on the grass banks surrounding the car park. I do like to see them grown in this way, they make such an impact when they're grown en masse.

Walking through the grounds we saw more daffodils. I love this time of year when we begin to see more colour about so we decided we'd have a look in the glasshouses inside the Walled Garden to see what colour there is there at the moment.

I meant to take a photo from the outside but it completely slipped my mind. You can see just a part of the building in this photo, there's so much space for plants which are not suitable to be grown outdoors.

Bird of Paradise.

I like how some plants are grown against the walls, the bright flowers zing against the whitewash.

Some plants are trained up columns.

There's certainly plenty of colour in the glasshouses, even this early in the season.

They never leave empty borders, even during the winter months, and the displays are changed through the seasons too.

Bush Lily.

I recently wrote about the Houseplants I'd bought, one of which is a spider plant. It has some way to go until it grows to the size of the spider plants in this display.

Angel Trumpet. I'm drawn more and more towards white flowers.

More white flowers, beautiful.

There's always something to see at Temple Newsam whatever the season, and it's great for a walk too, Archie certainly had a good time. There were lots of people there on Sunday but as from today, Temple Newsam House, the shops and cafe have been closed to the public until at least the end of April because of the Coronavirus. This action has been taken at Lotherton too, though the grounds are still open so Archie's okay for his walks there at present.


  1. I got an email last night that the Wildlife Trusts and English Heritage had both closed their ‘staffed locations’ so it was only a matter of time before the NT followed suit. Such a shame because we all need places like this more than ever. At least until we are put in a forced lock-down the fells are open . . .

    Your photos are lovely and I have glass-house envy! snuggle to Archie from me please. XXX

  2. Lovely to see Spring flowers appearing, but sad that everyone is shutting down because of this crona virus. Same basically happening here. More countryside walks or maybe canalside would be an idea. Oh, those glasshouses where I took those great photos of the colourful coleus. Thanks for sharing, take care, stay safe & huggles.

  3. Lovely photos, Jo. I especially like the geraniums grown up that pole! How clever! :o)

  4. So pretty.

    I love the smells when going through a greenhouse. All those different flowers together are beautiful.

  5. Lovely post and pictures. I agree about seeing daffodils like that. What an impressive glasshouse with some wonderful plants. I like white flowers. Thank goodness that the grounds there, as elsewhere, are remaining open. Take care. xx

  6. Such fun renewing SPRING photos. THANKS!!!! I needed that

  7. Soooo beautiful...!

    Sounds good, that things are closing.

    How is your area, for cases?

    Are other things closed, because of COVID-19?

    What is the news, from your area?

    Stay calm,
    With common sense,

    1. There are only 11 confirmed cases in the city where I live, though of course, there'll be many people who have the virus who haven't had it confirmed. It's mainly sporting events which have been cancelled so far, though we've been advised to avoid pubs, restaurants and theatres. They're not actually closed though.

  8. Lovely photos from your recent walk. I love seeing daffodils en masse as they look so natural growing in the grass. The lilies in the glasshouse are beautiful. White flowers show up so well especially during twilight hours. I would like to have more in our garden. Such a shame that everywhere places are closing their gates and doors, but it seemed inevitable it would happen.

  9. Great photos, I love the plants growing against the white walls but my favourite is the bush lily, it's such a gorgeous colour :)

  10. Lots of lovely flowers to feast the eyes on. The field of daff is stunning, it certainly does make us appreciate the simpler things with all that is going on at the moment.
    Take care x

  11. It's lovely to see some colour coming through at last, daffs look lovely when there are masses of them, i've been having them in every room, they certainly cheer things up.
    Take care x

  12. It's nice that you got to go before it shut for a while. It all feels very strange but no one can shut down outside, we still have open air, the fields, the countryside, and what better time of year to enjoy it?

  13. Beautiful photos and flowers! I have a special fondness for daffodils which is making living with my MIL easier this time of year - she has 1,000's planted all over her yard.
    Stay well,

  14. I'm so glad that there are still parks and gardens open for people to enjoy. I have enjoyed your photographs, the flowers are a delight to see. X

  15. Such beautiful flowers, what a wonderful place to have close to home. I do hope that we will not be stopped from going out and enjoying the wonderful open country that is close to us. My daughter and I were out for over an hour, walking from our house, we didn't see another person the whole time we were out.

  16. Fantastic, those daffodils are very impressive all so close together.

  17. My latest post....

    Gentle hugs,
    Stay safe,
    🌱 🌷 🌱

  18. What a lovely post. The photos are beautiful and don't we all wish we could have a greenhouse. Thank You !

  19. It's good that the grounds are staying open! Lovely pictures, such a nice change from the news which I'm watching less and less. Just love those daffs!xxx

  20. I did enjoy this post, lovely to see all the photographs and gorgeous colour.

    All the best Jan