Wednesday 18 January 2012

Sale Shopping

Boots has lowered all it's half price sale items today from 50% off to 75% off. I'm not one of those people who hunts the shops for bargains after Christmas, but I always try to get to the Boots 75% off sale as you can pick up so many bargains.

I've managed to get quite a few things to put away for birthdays. I got some lovely things for Eleanor's friends, reduced from £10.00 down to £2.50, what a saving. There were a few Christmas decorations too. I got the NOEL letters, reduced from £10.00 to £2.50. I can't show everything I bought as some things will be gifts for family members who read my blog.

Last week, I got an email advising me that Laughing Yaffle were having a sale. Mick bought me two skeins of Laughing Yaffle yarn for Christmas, and I've also got another skein in my stash, but the colour of this Winter Sunrise yarn just called out to me and I couldn't resist.

I think more socks are in the pipeline.


  1. You know I love a bargain! It looks like you've picked up some lovely things. Looking forward to seeing the finished socks! Luv Jx

  2. Fantastic savings there, I have to pop into town tomorow and will have a look in Boots, hope they have a few things left by then.

    Love the yarn, will make gorgeous socks.......Kemps woolshop, online, has some great sock yarn bargains at the moment, I ordered some of Regia's new 'College' sock yarn......150g for £3.99, usually retails for over £10.00, they may still have some left.......I love bargains.x

  3. I went to Boots today, managed to pick up a few presents along with some vitamins from the glitch, just must remember to take them.s

  4. I'm off to Boots in the morning as it is always handy to have a few bits stashed.

    Love the colour of the wool.

  5. Jo, you are doing so well with your presents. It almost makes me want to go shopping!

    Sft x

  6. I always do the boots 75% sales too - got TONS of bargains xxxx

  7. Boots are very good aren't they, I wonder if they'll be anything left by Monday when I'm next in town?
    Lisa x

  8. You got some good things there, Boots sell some lovely things but are a bit pricey so well done! I've never heard of laughing yaffle yarn, might have to buy myself some, don't tell hubby!

    Lots of love xxx

  9. Thank you for all your comments. It sounds like we all love a bargain.

    Lily - I hope they had some things left in the sale when you visited Boots. Thank you for mentioning Kemps. I boughts some other sock wool from them only last week, but I hadn't seen the Regia.

    Lisa - I haven't been to Boots since I went the other day, so I don't know how the sale stock is going. I hope there's something left for you tomorrow.

    Emma - Laughing Yaffle is gorgeous yarn, I've got quite a few skeins in my stash.

    bibbitybob - Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.