Sunday 29 January 2012

The Lines

Yesterday, all four of us, and Archie, took a walk down The Lines. This is another walk which Archie is regularly taken on so I thought you might like to come along with us this time.

The Lines started as the Leeds, Castleford and Pontefract Junction Railway but was taken over by North Eastern in 1878, before it had opened. It ceased passenger services in 1951 and goods traffic stopped in 1969, though one and a half miles of track were left in place in Castleford until 1998 for the use of the collieries and open cast sites.

This is where The Lines start.

The beginning of The Lines is a long ginnel between rows of houses.

It was a gorgeous morning and we came up on a lucky black cat sunning herself on a fence.

We were being watched as we made our way further down the ginnel. Just look at the gorgeous blue sky.

We noticed bulbs popping up from the soil all over the place. Spring must be on it's way.

At the end of the ginnel we pass under a bridge. This takes us underneath the very busy A63 Selby Road. At this point we carry on down a track in to the countryside.

We noticed ladybirds out in abundance. I hope they haven't come out of their slumber too early.

We come to another bridge which we pass under.

Archie loves water. He manages to sniff puddles out even on the dryest of days, which yesterday wasn't, he was in his element. Look at those muddy paws.

We head further along the track.

Eventually we come to a crossroads.

We decide to turn left in to the next village, Kippax. There's horses in the field to our right which Archie is very interested in.

We make it to Kippax where we come to this interesting looking door. I wonder what's behind it.

Aren't these handles cute? Horses heads.

From Kippax we can take a circular route back home, but we decide to head back the way we came instead.

Achie loves being free to have a sniff. Lots of dog walkers use The Lines so he picks up lots of scents on his walks.

Archie missed this puddle on the way there, he didn't miss it on the way back!

Back under the bridge we go.

This photo doesn't show just how dirty Archie got, he had to have a bath when he got home.

We passed through another nearby village today, Allerton Bywater, so I took this photo of the entrance to The Lines from there.

It's important to get out in the sunshine at this time of year, you never know what weather the following day will bring.

Hope you all enjoyed coming with us on another of Archie's walks.


  1. What an amazing walk. We'll have to look it up next time we visit Castleford.

    Archie looks like he's had the time of his life.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sft x

  2. What a lovely walk. We sometimes visit Castleford as my Dad's ashes are interred in his parents' grave in the cemetery at Featherstone. He was born and brought up there and I still have extended family living all round that area.

  3. That's a lovely walk - we were out this afternoon walking - bright but cold! Am from 'up north' and have not heard the word 'ginnel' for a long long time! x Cathy

  4. Archie has a way of finding the most delightful paths.
    Did I see a ladybug... hard to imagine at this time in our climate.
    Tell Archie thanks for sharing his rounds.
    Susan x

  5. Thank you for the walk and the beautiful pics.
    Love from Mum

  6. What a wonderful walk. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  7. What a fab place to take a walk on a blue sky January day. I agree about getting out and about. T went out without us yesterday for a walk, he went with a friend's family to walk the dog!
    Archie must have loved the walk too with all the puddles.
    Great door and handles, that's why I love blogging, noticing stuff like that.
    Lisa x

  8. I see that Archie really throws himself into his walks! Love those horse head handles. Thanks for the morning walk.

  9. Thanks for sharing this walk with us, it was most enjoyable! Flighty xx

  10. Lovely - and flat! But WET MUDY DOG!!! xx

  11. wonderful walk wasnt it, and i didnt even have to put me shoes on! thankyou for taking us, it did make me giggle when i saw Archie in that puddle what alot of mud x

  12. I always enjoy the walks you blog. Look at the state of Archie. Bet he's a lot easier to clean than my labrador X

  13. Thanks for the tour with photos - great pictures.

  14. Thank you for all your lovely comments.

    Cathy - It's a funny word is ginnel. It didn't cross my mind when I was writing the post that some people may not know what a ginnel is.

    Lisa - Dogs are great for getting you out and about. There's some cold days when I don't fancy getting my boots on and going out, but I have to, and I'm really pleased once I'm out there. It's true, blogging makes you notice all sorts of things which you otherwise wouldn't.

    Karen - I'm sure short haired dogs must be easier to clean than long haired, Archie brings most of his walk back with him in his fur.