Sunday 22 January 2012

Orange 'Jaffa' Brownies

Back in December, I bookmarked a recipe which Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen posted on her blog for Orange 'Jaffa' Brownies.  Daniel especially is quite partial to a Brownie, so I thought this was an ideal recipe for me to try.

Yesterday, Eleanor decided that she wanted to do some baking. She got out the cookery books and had a look through before I remembered this recipe. It takes such few ingredients to make that I had everything already in, so Eleanor decided to give it a go.

It turned out so well, and everyone thought it was scruptious. So much so that there's only a few pieces left.

I don't think they'll last the day.


  1. They look delicious! Yum!!! :o)

  2. Those brownies sound delicious........I wonder if I could make them gluten-free. x

  3. Just delicious, they wouldn't last any time here.

    Sft x

  4. Stop, your making me hungry. They look very much like a blonde brownie.

  5. Oh wow I am so pleased you made these and most of all enjoyed them.

    You should consider entering this in Jacquelines Bookmarked Recipes.

    Its also a great way to get new readers coming to your blog.

    PS Thank you for the link its most appreciated.

  6. Now these I have to try... if I had the ingredients right now I'd be baking up a batch of these!

    Victoria xx

  7. They look delicious! Flighty xx

  8. Orange and chocolate is a winning combination for me!!! Those look delicious. Eleanor is clearly very capable in the kitchen! Jx

  9. They look yummy and very light in colour.
    Do you think they're light in calories too... sinful if they're not.

  10. Please, if you have any left, will you send one across the Channel for me to share with my family? ;-)

    Seriously they look delicious! Well done Eleanor!


    ps I love today's identification word: follytop. Excellent.

  11. My 3 love jaffa cakes, may have to give these a whirl, thanks for sharing.
    Lisa x

  12. Can't go wrong with chocolate and orange in a cake, gorgeous. Could just eat a piece of Eleanors cake with my cup of tea x

  13. mmm they do look good, and I'm so glad you included the link to the recipe!
    Well done Eleanor!
    Belated Happy New Year to you Jo! Just going to check out your gardening tips, you always give me lots of ideas!

  14. Thank you for all your lovely comments. I would definitely recommend this recipe, they're delicious, just not so good for my waistline.

    Shaheen - Thanks again for the recipe, it's certainly a good one and we'll use it again.

    Jan - Eleanor loves to be in the kitchen, it's something I try to encourage.

    Gill - Thanks. Happy New Year to you too. Nice to see you blogging again.