Thursday, 29 September 2011

Unexpected Packages

I often come across websites which are offering freebies or giveaways and I'm only too happy to try my luck.

Last week, I had a package drop through my letterbox and I've no idea why it's been sent to me. I can only assume that at one time or another, I've given my details and applied for a giveaway.

As it happens, it's very useful, a teatowel from Knorr. I'm forever buying teatowels. I've got two pairs of oven gloves in the kitchen, yet Mick will insist on using all my best teatowels to take things out of the oven with, resulting in them being burnt or stained.

It even comes with a recipe, Griddled Steak With Wild Mushrooms, sounds delicious.


  1. What a lovely surprise! I love giveaways, Tony says I should enter more that involve cash and holidays, rather than wool and scrapbooking paper!!! lol

  2. Mmm I love a good tea-towel! Simple things and all that :)

  3. Fab freebie! I am addicted to freebie hunting. It got so bad once that the postman was bringing several packages every day!!! Today, I have bagsy'd My daughter 4 free tkts to see the new Footloose film (at Vue in Leeds)(on the freebies board at moneysaving expert) and a night out at a v posh hotel for a friend and I listening to an inspirational fashion designer - with free buffet and wine!

  4. It's great to receive unexpected parcels. Hubby was once sent a lovely shopping bag filled with Yorkshire crisps. He didn't have a clue how he was sent it!

  5. This has a lovely retro feel! Teatowels are very collectible.

  6. Nice surprise! You can never have enough tea towels. :)

  7. Thank you for all your comments.

    Rachel - Yes, money and holidays would be good, but I never win those.

    Diane - I've also got some free tickets for Footloose, mine are for the Showcase though. The night out sounds great.

    Karen - The shopping bag filled with crisps sounds wonderful.