Sunday, 4 September 2011

A Day At The Seaside

As it's nearing the end of the school holidays, Mick took the day off work on Friday so that we could get out and do something together. Apart from our holiday in Devon and Cornwall, we hadn't been to the seaside yet this year. We often take days out to the East coast, and we were aware that we hadn't yet been this year, so we headed off to Scarborough.

Scarborough is great for a day out for us as it's less than an hour and a half away. There's two bays, North and South, with a harbour between them, and we were very lucky to hit up on a parking space right by the harbour.

Though we've been to Scarborough many times, we've never walked out to the lighthouse.

The plaque tells how the lighthouse was rebuilt in 1931 after being destroyed by German bombers on the 16th December 1914.

Boat trips can be taken from the harbour. We saw this pirate ship just setting sail.

If a pirate ship is not your style, how about this Regal Lady pleasure cruise.

Looking back from the lighthouse, you can see Scarborough Castle perched up high.

This seagull must be going shopping, he's carrying his shopping bag with him. Seriously, I hope the seagull wasn't tangled and managed to escape the bag.

After visiting the lighthouse, we made a stop at the lifeboat. It's amazing to think how many lives this boat has saved.

Although there's a police box on the seafront, I've never caught sight of Dr Who.

We headed off the beaten track to the back streets and came up on a shop selling these impressive looking cupcakes. They looked delicious but unfortunately, the shop was closed.

Eleanor consoled herself with an ice cream dipped in sherbet, urgh. The ice cream started off with the pink sherbet totally covering it.

We had a walk right along South Bay, and spent a few 2p's in the amusements, before heading off to Fraisthorpe beach which is about four miles south of Bridlington. This is a great dog friendly beach and it didn't take Archie a minute to find the rock pools.

After getting a good soaking, it's imperative to dry off by rolling in the sand.

There's a great expanse of beach for both humans and animals alike to have a good run.

You can see that the soft cliffs here are suffering from the erosive effects of the North Sea. At least 30 villages have been lost since Roman times.

In 1940, pill boxes were built as a defence against German invasion. 28000 pill boxes were built, yet only 6000 remain today. Some of these can be seen at Fraisthorpe.

We had the whole beach to ourselves, save for one or two people walking along the shoreline or exercising their dogs.

The sun was starting to go down as we left Fraisthorpe, yet we decided we would head to Bridlington for a walk along the promenade. It was such a lovely evening that there were still a few people hanging out on the beach.

Bridlington has changed so much over the last few years. There's been a lot of building work taking place, and it's looking so much nicer.

We had a wonderful day, arriving home at about 9pm, thoroughly worn out, yet looking forward to the day ahead.


  1. I love Scarborough and Brid I've spent a lot of my childhood holidays in those two places. Brid has changed a lot recently, they've done a fantastic job with the promenade.

  2. Ah what a lovely day out. Not sure about that ice cream though!

  3. Hope you had a lovely birthday - spookily, I had plans to visit Scarborough next week for my birthday, but we might not be able to get now. I'll have to make do with your photos. xxxxx

  4. Oh wonderful! Did you see many motorbikes? Scarborough in particular is a popular destination - we often nip there - infact tomorrow we are taking Elsie to the kennels there and Ella to a luxury cattery on the Filey road!Glad you enjoyed it. Weather was iffy here - hope it will be good for France tomorrow.

  5. What a great day if the photos are anything to go by!
    It's a very long time since I've been to that part of the country, and too long since I've even been to the seaside! Flighty xx

  6. Another wonderful day had by all it looks like (especially Archie! How long did it take you to get the sand out of his coat?)

  7. A great way to finish up the school holidays although I don't think I like the sound of the sherbet on the ice cream!!!

    Victoria xx

  8. Looks like a lovely day out. There's nothing like a day beside the sea. I love it! Ros

  9. I really enjoyed this glimpse of an unknown part of England for me. These wide sandy beaches look gorgeous for walking on. Trust a dog to get wet and then roll in some sticky stuff!

  10. Thanks, everyone, for your comments.

    Rachel - I wouldn't have recognised Brid, the promenade is lovely.

    Clicky Needles - I made sure Eleanor cleaned her teeth well after that ice cream.

    Diane - Thank you for the birthday wishes. What a shame you've had to change your plans, I hope you're doing something else nice for your birthday.

    Denise - We didn't see many motorbikes at all. I know Scarborough quite well as my sister used to live in Cayton. We had lovely weather, we were in short sleeves all day. Hope you have a great time in France.

    Flighty - We had a lovely day. It was our first day at the seaside this year, apart from our fortnight holiday. We usually have a few day trips each year.

    Tempewytch - We just towel dry Archie, and the sand drops out as he dries (in the back seat of the car, much to Mick's annoyance).

    Victoria - We've really made the most of the school holidays this year. Seeing the sherbet on the ice cream set my teeth on edge.

    Ros - It was a really enjoyable day, I can't wait to go back again.

    Linda - I love visiting blogs and seeing places I've never visited, I've got so many places on my must go there list now.