Monday, 26 September 2011

A Couple Of Mugs

We went to see my friend's son playing his saxophone in one of the local outdoor shopping centres yesterday. He's part of a youth band, and they were very good.

As we passed the shops to where they were playing, I happened to notice that Whittards, one of my favourite shops, had a sale on. I love the colourful pottery items which Whittard sells, they do some brilliant ranges.

As soon as I saw this mug I knew it would have to come home with me. Close Knit, perfect for a knitter.

I then happened to notice that they had some piggy ones too. I just love pigs, they're so cute, so Trotters made it's way home with me too.

I'm not a lover of hot drinks. I very very occasionally have a cup of tea, and sometimes have hot chocolate, but I do love to have nice mugs in the house.

We also popped in to the traditional sweet shop which is there. Mick loves hard liquorice so he got eight sticks, and I got a quarter of aniseed balls and a couple of bonfire lollies. OK, I know they're sold in grams now not quarters but I'm an old fashioned girl. I can't bring myself to say a hundred grams.

I've just started the Waving Not Drowning socks again which I pulled out a while ago. They're for my mum for Christmas so I really need to get on with them.

Perhaps a hot drink in my Close Knit mug is just what I need to spur me on.


  1. I have a soft spot for mugs too! I keep seeing ones which "just go" with the kitchen! I conted them all up the other week - ahem....34! Hmmm well enough for Jon & meself then eh? lol!

  2. The sheep mug is very cute. I like Whittards too, their crockery ranges are fab.
    Never heard of a bonfire lolly though, are they treacely(if that is a word?)
    Lisa x

  3. Whittards have some lovely items don't they!

    I need an incentive to pop into town right now and seeing those sweets is making me think I could pay our traditional shoppe a visit and treat myself!

    Victoria xx

  4. You can never have too many mugs, and that's a great selection of 'proper' sweets! Flighty xx

  5. I like those mugs! Sweet shops are always a nice stop, there is an old fashioned one in Otley and on saturday after ballet we somehow find ourselves in there. Vimto bon-bons are very nice.

  6. I love the mugs especially the piggy one.

    I'm the opposite to you, I aways use grams and kilos. When I visit the butchers in the next village to us I'm the only one who askes for 400g of bacon and a kilo of stewing meat. I can't remember old measurements even though I'm in my late 40's.

  7. I love the knitting mug! Very appropriate. The socks are going to be a very pretty colour. I have started a new pair too...who knows when they might be ready?!! Cx

  8. oh just lovin those mugs! Great pic with the yarn. hmmm. Its that time of year I reach for my sticks. Kids need warm slippers, so time to make some! x Jacs x

  9. Thanks for all your lovely comments.

    Denise - You could go for a week without washing up.

    Lisa - Yes, bonfire lollies are made from treacle toffee, yum yum.

    Karen - I was taught in metric but it just didn't stick, I think it was because my parents always referred to everything in old measurements.