Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Upstairs Downstairs and Downton Abbey

I remember watching Upstairs Downstairs, a period drama set in the first part of the 20th century, when I was a child. It's a programme about the daily life of a family living in a large townhouse, and their servants.

The BBC revived this drama over Christmas with a new cast and a new storyline, and I thought I would watch out of curiosity if nothing else.

Another period drama which has been shown this weekend is Downton Abbey. I had wanted to watch this the first time it had been shown but somehow missed it. The seven episodes were repeated over Saturday, Sunday and Monday and I thoroughly enjoyed watching. It's all set to return to our screens again in Autumn.
It's reported that Downton Abbey won hands down in the ratings war. I hope the BBC will recommission another series of Upstairs Downstairs in 2011 and not let this put them off, as I for one will enjoy watching both of these wonderful series.


  1. I preferred Downton Abbey to Upstairs Downstairs but I don't know if that was because it was perfect Sunday evening watching and over a longer period.

    Victoria xx

  2. I enjoyed them both too. Just my sort of thing. And Larkrise to Candleford back on Sunday! I'm in heaven. xxxx

  3. Loved them both - although for me Upstairs Downstairs had the edge.


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  5. It seems we're all enjoying these programmes. I can't wait for the next series.