Thursday, 20 January 2011

Hospital Visiting

We got some very sad news this week that Eleanor's friend has got Leukaemia. She's in hospital at the moment and has just started chemotherapy. It's going to be a long haul for her, the treatment lasts for two years.

Eleanor wanted to visit her in hospital, which we did last night. She is very upbeat at the moment, considering, but I'm sure there'll be some hard days ahead.

We got our thinking caps on for some gifts we could take as I'm sure a twelve year old would prefer something else other than grapes.

I suggested some crafty things and stuff which will occupy her whilst she's in hospital.

A jigsaw, an Easter card making kit, a cross stitch kit and a scraperfoil kit. I'm sure she'll appreciate having something to do.

A teenage mag for her to keep up with the latest gossip.

Smarties and Skittles are much nicer than grapes.

There was also the obligatory teddy bear which girls seem to always give their friends as presents, I forgot to take a photo of that, but Eleanor's friend loved it.

After suffering with my own health, I never take the health of my children for granted, but something like this still makes you appreciate how lucky you are.


  1. It sure does. I hope she recovers swiftly and isn't too ill. xxxx

  2. I hate to hear of anyone being ill, but it always seems so very sad when it's young children involved. My cousin's son was diagnosed with cancer when he was only 2 years old. It has been very tough for everyone involved, but he's just started his third and (fingers crossed) final year of treatment.
    This little girl must be so happy that she has a friend like Eleanor to visit her and help keep her spirits up. Friendships are priceless.

  3. What lovely gifts! I hope she make a quick recovery, best of wishes to her. XxX

  4. :-( I hope she bounces back poor dot. Fab pressies, I know I would have loved them if I was her age, it will take her mind of things a little.

  5. oh my, it isnt going to be easy, but im sure with good friends like that she will be better in no time x

  6. Oh that is rough. How sad for her family to go through all that. I hope all heals well. x Jacs x

  7. I know at firsthand how something like this affects everybody, although it often seems that the children are more accepting and resilient. Flighty xx

  8. Sorry to hear about E's friend. What a thoughtful collection of gifts you took along for your visit!

    Victoria xx

  9. Thanks for your wishes for Eleanor's friend, everyone. I just hope that her treatment goes to plan and there's no hiccups along the way.