Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Beside The Seaside

Mick has been watching the weather forecast for the last few days and decided that today was the day if we wanted to take a trip to the seaside. I'm glad I listened to him because we headed off to Whitby and it was a glorious day. What a difference from yesterday, we were all in t shirts.

I've never seen Whitby so busy. I expected it would have been busy yesterday because of the bank holiday, but never expected so many people to be visiting today.

I love all the little shops in Whitby. They sell such a variety of goodies that I could spend a whole day just looking in them all. One of my favourites is Bobbins wool, crafts and antique shop. It's housed in an old church hall and there's so many treasures to discover in there.

I didn't buy anything in Bobbins this time, but did buy something in Whitby Galleries. We've recently decorated our staircase and thought that this picture of Whitby's 199 steps would be just the thing to adorn the landing at the top of the stairs. I thought it quite apt.

After a walk around the other side of the harbour, we decided to head off to pastures new.

We discovered Sandsend, to the North of Whitby, last year.

It's great for dog walking, a great expanse of sand, and the sea is close by, which Archie approves of.

Archie loves a little paddle but isn't so keen on big waves and makes a sharp exit when he sees one coming.

A stone skimming competiton was held, I think Daniel won.

We all did a bit of beachcombing.

Even Archie likes beachcombing.

I added plenty of sea glass to my collection today.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, beside the sea.


  1. Oh, what a splendid day Jo!

    Another place to add to my Yorkshire list..Whitby looks gorgeous and what beautiful weather you had.

    Good for you treating yourself to that beautiful picture. It will remind you of happy times.

    Love your glass collection!

    Sft xx

    P.S. I've got a great giraffe photo for Eleanor in tomorrow's post.

  2. What a lovely day trip with all the family.
    Love the picture you've bought for your landing - who's the artist?
    I never really give seaglass much thought when I'm wondering about on a beach - your stash looks really pretty. x

  3. That is quite a haul of sea glass. They remind me of pastilles coated in sugar!
    A lovely family day out by the seaside, sounds just fab to me.
    Lisa x

  4. What a nice day - I must go to Whitby, I don't think we've been for about ten years. That beach glass collection is so beautiful. x

  5. HI Jo, sounds as if you had a fab day. We head out that way at the weekend for a week and I've just seen the forecast is for a nice weekend. Hope we get nice dry weather.Love your sea glass collection, hope you have saved some for me though!!

  6. Just back off holiday and catching up with 'bloggy news'. Looks like you've had some decent weather further north. It's been pretty grim down here. I love your blanket - it's really pretty. Jx

  7. What a lovely place to visit, it looks gorgeous! and just look at those lovely blue skies. Love the artwork you bought, who is the artist, it really is lovely. oohh and look at your sea glass stash!

  8. Love the photos of Archie and the sea glass! What a great find your picture was - Ive never been to Whitby but it looks so similar to a Cornish village. Looks like you had a fab day out!

  9. Lovely, that looks to be just my kind of day out! Flighty xx

  10. Such lovely photos - looks like a great, relaxed day :) Thank you so much for commenting on my blog dear, it means a lot.

    Lots of love,

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  11. Thank you for all your lovely comments, they're very much appreciated, as always.

    Sft - There's some lovely places to visit on the Yorkshire coast, you must pay it a visit. Eleanor enjoyed looking at the giraffe photos, thank you for posting them.

    Jill - The artist is Catherine Stephenson. She paints some quirky scenes. I have a few jars of sea glass around the house which I've collected over the years.

    Lisa - It does look as though the sea glass is dusted in sugar. We had a lovely day.

    Gillian - I love Whitby. It's a little less seasidey than places like Scarborough.

    Anne - I'm sure you'll have a lovely time on your holiday, it's such a lovely area. I left plenty of sea glass for you, I hope you get a good haul.

    Jan - Thank you, I enjoyed making the blanket. It seems as though your weather has caught up with us, we've had a couple of days of rain, I hope it improves again soon.

    Scented Sweetpeas - Catherine Stephenson is the artist, she's local to the area. It makes such a change to see blue skies this year.

    June - We had a lovely day out in Whitby, I suppose it is rather similar in some ways to Cornwall.

    Mac n' Janet - I've got quite a stash of sea glass now.

    Flighty - It was a lovely day out. I'm sure you would have enjoyed it.

    Sabina - You're welcome. It was a lovely relaxing day, I hope to do it again soon.