Friday 20 October 2023

Mills And Canals

Mick's been off work this week. We knew the weather wasn't going to be brilliant so we didn't plan on doing much other than having some downtime and recharging our batteries. It's been lovely actually. We've had lots of slow days, eaten out, seen family, and we did manage some short outings close to home too.

On Wednesday we drove over to Sunnybank Mills where The Great British Sewing Bee is filmed. 

We had a mooch around but didn't stay long. There's a lovely yarn shop there called Ewe Neek which sell a good range but I was good and resisted adding anything to my stash.

Afterwards we drove about a mile to Rodley so that we could take a stroll along the canal. Our usual walks Down By The Canal are along the Aire and Calder Navigation but this is the Leeds & Liverpool Canal which stretches for 127 miles and links the cities of Leeds and Liverpool.

Some parts of the canal stretch through residential areas, other parts travel through tranquil countryside.

The trees are just beginning to start showing their autumn hues. I hope they manage it before they drop their leaves, which the strong winds we've had over the last couple of days are helping them to do.

A beautiful swan came gliding down the canal. He was all alone, I hope he's got a family waiting for him somewhere.

Further along the canal it becomes more built up along the sides, and there are boats moored up here too.

A swing bridge allows pedestrians and bikes to cross. You can actually feel it move as you walk across it, a weird sensation.

It was a lovely day, blue skies and very mild for this time of year, so there were quite a few people out walking. The storm was forecast that same night though it wasn't as bad as had been forecast. It's now full on though, rain lashing the windows and strong winds, I'm glad to be indoors on a day like today.

There were quite a few boats along this stretch of the canal.

I love the name of this one. Music lovers I think.

Not sure this one's water tight. It's definitely seen better days.

Horses graze along the other side of the canal.

The footpath at the side of the canal is a great place for a Little Free Library. I had a look but nothing took my fancy.

Soon it was time to turn back and head for the car as Archie's little legs couldn't walk much further. This photo shows how close the canal is to the houses. I'd quite fancy living close to the canal and watching the boats sail by.

It was a nice idea for a couple of hours out when we didn't want to go too far.


  1. That's such an attractive walk with a lot of variety. When the sun shines these days it feels so good.

  2. Lovely walk. Glad you took us along. The canal boats look interesting. Have you ever been inside one?

    1. I haven't been on a canal boat but we did hire a cruiser on the Norfolk Broads once, that was a similar sort of thing, very long.

  3. What a great post Jo, I certainly enjoyed my walk along the canal with you, your photographs are lovely.

    Stay warm and dry as Storm Babet passes by.

    All the best Jan

  4. I love seeing pictures of houseboats! Part of me would love to live in one and then the bigger part thinks "what about my stufffffff"

  5. Great photos and the walk looks fabulous. My brother lives on a canalboat and loves it, even in winter.

  6. It looks like a lovely day out Jo, well done on resisting the urge to buy more yarn. x

  7. Super weather for a lovely walk. Looks like you got it in just in time before the storm hit.

  8. Nice post and pictures. I'm glad to see that despite the weather you had yourselves a good week. xx

  9. Lovely walk along the canal and glad you got back before the rain started.

  10. I love slow days, gives us time to recharge our batteries! I've walked along that canal I think when we visited my step daughter and weren't you good resisting buying yarn, I don't think I could.

  11. What a lovely post. I do love canals and still miss my narrow